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Hang Your Triptych Wall Art Like A Pro

woman hanging triptych art on wall

Tips & Tricks For The Best Ways To Display 3 Panel Prints

Has your triptych art has finally arrived from the printers & you're excited to get it up on the wall?

Maybe you've found a 3 panel print that you love, but are unsure how it would sit with your room & wall décor layout.

There's no doubt that triptych prints are a fabulous style of wall art & can really add something special to a space.

Hanging them isn't as tricky or difficult as you may think.

With a few simple tips & tricks, you'll have your triptych art on your wall in no time & looking fabulous.

Wondering how to hang your 3 panel wall art? With these simple tricks & tips, you'll be hanging & displaying your triptych like a pro.

Choosing The Right Size Triptych

geometric design triptych hung on wall space

Before you even begin to think about hanging your triptych, is it the right size for the space it's going to be displayed in?

You need to not only consider the wall area it's going to be displayed on, but how it sits in relation to the size of the room or space it will be displayed in.

Like any other wall art, a triptych needs to look balanced in reference to the décor it's surrounded by.

By treating the 3 panels as a singular artwork, you'll more easily be able to determine how it will sit within the wall space & in the room generally.

Different Ratios

The above triptychs are available as a digital download or a physical print.

Triptych wall art is available in different ratios, or individual panel sizes.

Most common image ratios used, before being split across 3 panels are: 3:2, 3:1 & 2:1.

This creates individual panel ratios of : 2:1, 1:1 & 3:2 respectively.

But triptychs can also consist of 3 panels of different sizes as well as ratios, providing the overall image lines up.

In this instance, you end up with a triptych of odd proportions that isn't symmetrical .. but .. this is a good thing for those tricky wall spaces.


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This leads us on to the next consideration ...

Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal?

vertical triptych of the ocean hung between chair & door

The wonderful thing about triptych wall art is it can be an image split horizontally, vertically & even diagonally.

That's why these 3 panel prints are so popular, they're fantastic for decorating awkward wall spaces.

Whether your triptych is horizontal or vertical, both orientations can be treated as a singular artwork.

Taller wall spaces are ideal for displaying 3 panel prints in a vertical layout & horizontal triptychs are great for those wider wall areas.

When it comes to diagonal or different sized panels, you just need to make sure it looks balanced, even if it's not being displayed on an odd shaped wall.


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How Far Apart Should You Hang Triptych Panels?

Because a triptych is a singular image split across 3 panels, the image needs to flow.

Too large a gap will create an interruption, too smaller a space between panels will look crowded & almost defeat the purpose of this style of wall art.

Obviously the spacing needs to be the same between all 3 panels, but generally 1 to 3 inches is recommended.

But this can also depend on the size of the overall triptych & the viewing distance.

The larger the artwork & viewing distance, larger spacing between panels may be appropriate.

But there's no exact science to spacing your triptych panels, simply display them in a way where not only the panels look balanced, but the image looks good to the eye.

What About Picture Frames?

Certain triptychs will look fantastic when framed, it will add to & enhance the artwork.

But similar to spacing, too large, or wide of a frame, will create too much separation of the image & detract from it's visual appeal.

I've written an article going into more depth that's worth a read if you're considering framing your triptych: Framing Triptych Prints, You Can But Should You?

How High To Hang Your Triptych

Again, like any singular artwork, eye-level is the recommended height for displaying a triptych.

Of course, depending how tall or short you are, eye-level can vary!

But 57 inches, or 145 centimetres from the floor to the centre of the artwork is the standard recommendation allowing for a persons average height.

Even if your triptych consists of different sized panels & ratios, the height will be determined by the central, or main panel.

Of course, if you're displaying 3 various sized panels on an irregular wall space, then you just need to find what's pleasing to the eye, a balanced look.

Other general guidelines are the 66% rule & 80% rule, which I'll explain ...

Displaying Triptychs Above Furniture

graphic showing how to hang triptych art above furniture

Most times, you don't have a blank or complete wall to display your wall art.

3 panel wall art is ideal for those blank spaces above furniture such as a cabinet, sofa & the bedhead.

Other wall spaces which are well suited to triptych art is above a fireplace, between windows or between a door frame & a window.


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Eye-level isn't always going to be an option & this is where the 66% & 80% guidelines come in.

The height of your triptych will look balanced when hung approximately 33% of the wall height above the furniture, leaving 66% of the wall height above the triptych.

Again, if you're displaying various sized panels, it's generally best to use the main, or largest panel to dictate the height.

The overall width of the 3 panels should be approximately 80% the width of the furniture item it's hanging above.

Again, these are general guidelines, as other décor items may also be displayed on a cabinet or mantel.

Taking in to consideration bedside tables, side tables & other accessory type furniture items, you can apply these guidelines in relation to them.

Displaying A Triptych On A Blank Wall

large 3 panel print on blank wall

If your 3 panel art is going on a completely blank wall, especially a larger wall space, it needs to be a suitable size.

Too small a triptych is simply going to look lost & lose any visual impact that it could create.

But oversized triptych art can look amazing in the right space.

They're a fantastic way to spruce up a boring wall & in the right circumstances create a fabulous dynamic & focal point.

This leads nicely to the consideration ...

Room Size

Should you hang a large triptych in a small room?

Not all smaller spaces are going to accommodate larger 3 panel prints, but depending on the room layout & wall shape, oversized triptych art can work really well.

Having 3 panels covering an entire wall is like creating a mural, & with a well chosen image or photograph, will also create a sense of depth.


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It's a similar principle to painting a wall in a light colour or shade to make the space appear larger.

Tips & Tricks For Hanging Triptych Art With Ease

Alright, you've chosen the size & dimensions of your triptych to suit the wall space & room layout, so what's the easiest way to hang 3 panel art so it all lines up exactly where you want it too?

1. Arrange On The Floor First

Whether your triptych panels are the same size, or of various ratios, lay out the artwork on the floor first to how you want it to look on the wall.

2. Take Measurements

Measure the height & width of each panel, the spacing between the panels & the overall width & height of the entire triptych.

Write them down! If you're like me, you only think you'll remember them!

3. Marking The Wall

The centre panel will be what you'll use to line all the other panels up to.

Using the measurements you've taken, it's easy to figure out where the triptych is going to be placed on the wall.

Having a friend help you is even better, as 2 pairs of hands makes the job easier.

So mark the wall where the centre panel will be, blue painters tape is ideal as it won't leave marks when removed.

Some people make a central mark, but you can always create 2 or even 4 corners with the painters tape.

4. Locating The Hanging Hardware

You can then measure the back of the centre panel from it's 2 or 4 corners to where the hanging hardware is.

With canvas prints, they can just hang from a hook or screw, either from the frame itself or sometimes a hanging wire is attached.

Hanging hardware can differ between canvas, metal & acrylic prints, but the process is the same.

Simply use the measurements to determine where you need to drill a hole or screw in a hook to the wall.

Remember to allow for any slack in the hanging wire, or string, that will be taken up once the weight of the panel is hung.

You can do this by just using your finger to pull on the wire or string first to measure where it will finally sit when taut.

5. Lining Up The Panels

Once you've put the appropriate screws or hooks into the wall, hang the middle panel & use a level to .. well .. make sure it's level.

From there, you can now use the measurements you've taken to repeat the process with the other 2 panels.

It's now time to stand back & admire a job well done!

Final Thoughts

There's actually quite a huge selection of triptych wall art when you start looking.

Many different styles, from photographs, paintings, geometric, coastal, landscape, boho, the list goes on.

Whatever décor style you have you'll find triptych wall art to match.

Framed or unframed, it's a simple enough task to hang & display 3 panel prints like a pro.

So I hope this article has helped you & given you some inspiration for displaying triptych wall art in your home.

Please, feel free to pass this article around.


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