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Why You Need To Try Triptych Prints On Your Staircase Walls

multi-panel art prints on staircase wall

It's Almost Like 3 Panels Prints Were Made For The Stairs!

I'm really getting into triptych prints at the moment, as the more I explore this style of art, the more I realize how versatile they are.

Triptychs, if you've never heard this terminology before, are images split across 3 panels or 3 individual images with a consistent theme.


I've written an article that explains this style of wall art in more detail:


Triptychs can be made from photographs, paintings, graphics or any image.

If you're into photography or art, it can be interesting to create triptychs, but they're fantastic if you're looking for wall art to add to an irregular space in your home.

The staircase is a wonderful opportunity to display triptychs in a number of creative ways.

Check out some FREE downloadable triptych wall art.

free triptych downloadable wall art

Follow The Line

black and white abstract triptych hung on minimalist stairs

If you've explored triptychs or multi-panel prints before, you've probably seen the most popular way to display them on a staircase wall.

Simply find the desired height & follow the line of the stairs.

It may be simple, but it is still effective for creating interesting wall décor.

Getting Horizontal

framed landscape triptych prints hung horizontally on staircase wall

Instead of following the line of the staircase, you can try displaying the 3 prints horizontally.

Depending on the length & height of the wall, you may be able to have 2 or 3 sets of triptychs staggering each other in this way.

Providing it looks coherent & not cluttered, large or oversized prints could be hung closer to the ceiling & smaller prints below.

Different Size Panels

abstract triptych art prints on colourful staircase wall

Each triptych panel needn't be the same size.

As long as the image lines up or the subject matter follows a theme, you can use different size prints to fit a certain space.

In the example above, the same artwork was used, just presented at different orientations.

If you're looking for quality original artwork, check out Artexplore. I'm happy to recommend them as they promote original work by independent artists.

triptych prints for sale

Smaller Prints

3 portraiture prints at base of staircase

Often with staircases, there's a smaller wall area at the base of the stairs or at the top.

This is a great opportunity to display some family portraits.

Then larger prints can be hung along the wall as in the examples already shown.


colourful abstract triptych at base of double staircase

A double staircase, sometimes referred to as an imperial staircase, has divided flights.

These styles of staircases are often found in commercial buildings or mansions.

There can be a common wall at the top or bottom & this is another ideal location for a triptych print.

Different size prints can be used to accommodate the wall shape & size.

Final Thoughts

As there are more double storey homes built these days, a lot more home owners are looking for ways to decorate the staircase area.

Triptych prints may be just what you're looking for.

Because they come in virtually any genre you can think of as well as framing options, you can find a 3 panel print to match your décor style.

It's not just the staircase that lends itself to triptych art, they can be used in any room in the home as the article below explores.


If you're looking for other inspirational staircase décor ideas, check out:

Feel free to share this article if you know somebody who may also find value in it.


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