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Triptychs Above The Fireplace - A Perfect Match

abstract triptych art hanging above fireplace

3 Panel Prints Are Ideal For That Space Above Your Mantel

If you've never heard of triptychs, they're simply a style of wall art that consist of 3 panels.

A single image can be divided into 3, or the 3 prints can be of individual images that follow a theme.


I've written an article that explains this style of wall art in more detail:


They're a wonderful style of wall art that are ideal for many spaces around the home.

Triptychs can be a fabulous choice of wall art for your fireplace wall.

Above the fireplace is prime real estate for artworks of all styles, including mirrors, clocks & other ornaments.


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But triptych wall art prints are unique & may be the ideal solution for the space above your mantel.

Check out some FREE downloadable triptych wall art.

free triptych downloadable wall art

Vertical Or Horizontal Layout

Because triptychs can be an image divided vertically or horizontally, they can be used to great effect to fit within a certain wall space.

vertical triptych print above fireplace

The photograph above is an ideal composition for a triptych.

It's perfectly suited to be divided vertically & works well within the wall space between the 2 shelving units.

horizontal triptych print above fireplace

Abstract images & paintings can be more adaptable when it comes to dividing the artwork horizontally, but certain photographs will also work.

Both these examples look great above this fireplace.

Vertical lines can make the wall space appear taller, whilst the opposite is true of horizontal lines that create the illusion of a wider wall space.

If you're looking for quality original artwork, check out Artexplore. I'm happy to recommend them as they promote original work by independent artists.

triptych art for sale


The wall space above fireplaces can all be different.

Especially more modern fireplaces, they don't have the standard mantel & protruding chimney breast.

framed triptych prints on wall above fireplace

A triptych can also be 3 different images or designs that follow a theme.

The fireplace in the above image isn't central to the wall, but the 3 panel prints are centred on the wall & create a nice balance.

The picture frames work well too, tying in with the other décor elements.


The mantel is ideal for placing your favourite ornaments & other trinkets.

Depending how tall some of these ornaments are, they can hinder putting up a single artwork, especially a larger print.

3 panel prints arranged above mantel

Triptych art is able to be staggered, meaning you can still create a wonderful display & incorporate the artwork as well.

Minimal Doesn't Mean Boring

The fireplace itself can often be the main feature in a room.

Especially if your style is more minimalistic, you may not want a load of ornaments on the mantel or décor accessories.

minimalist room with triptych prints above fireplace

A tastefully chosen triptych can be all that's needed to add some interest or to accentuate the focal point of the fireplace.

The subject matter of the image can also reflect the style of the room & inject some colour.

When There's No Space Above The Mantel

Not all wall space above the fire lends itself to hanging artwork.

Perhaps it's tall & narrow, or the fireplace is positioned off-centre & a triptych simply wouldn't work.

abstract triptych prints in white frames next to open fireplace

The tall & narrow chimney breast of the fireplace above isn't well suited for a 3 panel print.

But the 3 framed images create a defined space to the side where the firewood is kept.

The white frames really pop against the darker green wall too & also have a visual connection with the white of fireplace itself.

abstract triptych prints in white frames above sofa next to fireplace

This fireplace sits flush to the wall & is also quite close to the opposite wall, allowing no real room to organise a triptych print.

Off to the side & centred above the sofa, these triptychs create a wonderful sense of balance.

The colours in the prints also compliment the sofa & the white frames accent the cacti pots.

Final Thoughts

I really like fireplaces, they always makes a house feel .. well, more homely.

Triptych prints are an ideal choice for artwork that incorporate well in & around the fireplace.

They're a style of art that's interesting to experiment with too, finding images that can be cropped in 3 different ways.

It's not just the fireplace that suits triptychs, they can be used in any space in the home as the article below explores.


I hope you found some inspiration from this article & please feel free to share if somebody else may find value too.

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