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Is Hanging A Mirror Over The Bed A Good Idea?

round wall mirror above bed

The Pros, Cons & Feng Shui Of Displaying A Mirror Above Your Bed

When it comes to having a mirror, the bedroom is usually the room of choice.

This is because it's usually where we get dressed & fix bed head (for those that have hair! No problem for a baldy like me!) before heading out of the house.

Apart from being practical, mirrors can also be decorative & be a wonderful addition to the rooms' décor.

So where is a good place to hang a mirror?

Is it a good idea to hang a mirror above the bed? Yes it can be, as many interior designers recommend using mirrors & over the bed is one such place. But if you adhere to the principles of Feng Shui, then you shouldn’t hang a mirror in the bedroom at all.

So on one hand it can be a wonderful addition to the bedroom's décor, but will it invite the wrong energies?

Not necessarily.

If you really like the look of a mirror over your bed, but feel that the Feng Shui of the room may be affected, it's not all bad news.

There are ways to counteract the yang energy & balance the room décor to create harmony.

Is It Bad Luck To Hang A Mirror Over The Bed?

The bedroom needs to be a relaxed environment, a place to wind down at the end of the day before getting a good night's rest.

So you don't want your peace disturbed through the wrong energies.

Mirrors above a bed aren't so much bad luck, they just create & stir up certain energies.

According to Feng Shui, mirrors can disturb the atmosphere of a space because they excite particular energies.

This creates a less than ideal environment for a healing night's sleep & can also affect your love life .. that can't be good!

Because mirrors are a hard & reflective surface, they capture & magnify any light or sound, detracting from the tranquillity needed for a good night's rest.

Feng Shui also doesn't recommend having a bed placed under a window.

This allows your Chi energy to escape, & because mirrors above the bed create a window type effect, it can diminish your Chi through the night.

I find this interesting, as I've slept under windows many times.

On a lovely clear & moonlit night with the curtains or blinds open, I found it extremely relaxing.

So a mirror over the bed may not bring bad luck, unless it falls off the wall!

But should you be be wanting to align with the principles of Feng Shui to create optimal good energy, then maybe a mirrorless bedroom is the way.


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How To Hang A Mirror To Create Good Feng Shui

Although from an energetic perspective a mirror over the bed may not be optimal, you may really love the look of it.

So there are ways to counteract & balance the energy in the room.

1. One solution is to cover the mirror before sleeping.

Some bedrooms can have built in wardrobes with large mirrors or even floor to ceiling mirrors.

In this case, creating curtains that can be drawn across is another solution.

2. Another idea which can look a lot neater & actually work with the rooms' décor, is to apply a film or frosting.

Perhaps you enjoy the style of the mirror & it will still bounce light around the room, it just won't be completely reflective.

frosted bedroom mirrors

Arrange Furniture To Balance Mirror Energy

The main aspect of a bedroom is .. well, the bed.

The bed is also an important piece of furniture for Feng Shui.

So moving the bed around is another option to balance the energy created by the mirror above the bed.

Ideally, a bed should be placed as far from the door as possible.

Being able to see the door is important, just not be in line with it.

Most times, the bedhead is up against a wall.

This is good placement, as it creates a protective & nurturing energy as well as holding that energy whilst you're asleep.

Healing energies become active as we drift off to sleep.

So a solid headboard, such as those made from wood or that are well upholstered, create a feeling of security in the subconscious mind.

A new mattress also plays a part in eliminating less than positive energy.

This is because second-hand mattresses can hold the previous owners energy.

If you've split up with your partner, even your current mattress can be holding their energy, so maybe the expense of a new mattress is worth it to make a fresh start.

Aligning the bed also plays a major role in Feng Shui.

East is the best, North-East is fine & even facing West is okay.

Facing South isn't recommended & pointing North is a huge no no.

Of course, this can be tricky depending on the layout of your bedroom.

Storage under the bed is a wonderful way to reduce clutter & save space, especially in smaller bedrooms.

But the bad news is that Feng Shui views this as something that prevents energy flowing freely around you & the bed.

So other storage options may need to be found.

Depending how much importance you place on Feng Shui, it's still possible to hang a mirror over your bed & still balance & create good energy.

Especially if you simply adore the mirror & it is adding to the décor, then perhaps the enjoyment of having a lovely bedroom creates good energy in itself.

5 Great Reasons For Hanging A Mirror Above The Bed

If Feng Shui isn't your thing & you're just interested in decorating & creating wonderful bedroom décor, then you'll have freedom to not only hang a mirror, but to arrange the furniture as you please.

There's so many amazing & beautiful wall mirrors on the market, you definitely won't be stuck for choice.

So here's 5 reasons why a mirror over the bed is a great idea.

1. Creating Light

Mirrors are fantastic for bouncing light around a space.

For bedrooms that don't receive much natural light, a mirror can be an effective way to brighten up the room.

Especially if the bed is opposite the window, then the mirror will catch some morning or evening light.

mirror over bed near window

2. Alternative To Pictures Or Artwork

Maybe you don't want artworks displayed above the bed as there may already be enough pictures in the room already.

If you are looking for something unique, browse a large range of prints & support independent artists at the same time.

You may have colourful or textured bed covers, cushions & other soft furnishings & you need wall décor that's more neutral.

So a mirror in a nice frame, or even frameless perhaps, could be the perfect solution.

mirror hanging over bed

3. Add A Splash Of Colour

You don't need artwork to introduce some colour into your bedroom.

As well as mirrors that are made using coloured glass, they can also have colourful & ornate frames.

Often, coloured glass will be an inlay & used as an accent rather than the whole glass being one colour.

Whether it's the glass or frame colour, it's a wonderful way to add an accent colour to tie in with other décor items.

4. Add Some Style

Because wall mirrors are available in so many designs, sizes & styles, it a fabulous way to add a certain décor style to the bedroom.

Picture frames also come in many styles & colours, but you're limited to matching a frame to suit the image.

Whereas mirrors are visually neutral in that sense, so you could introduce some vintage or retro style by an appropriate wall mirror.


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retro style wall mirror above bed

5. Shaping Up

Artworks are a lovely addition to any wall décor & they too are available in a variety of sizes & colours.

But pictures & prints aren't available in different shapes.

Mirrors can be round, square, diamond shaped & semi-circle shaped as well as arch shaped.

This opens up a lot avenues to get super creative.

Why stop at one, when you could use various shaped & sized mirrors to create a gallery wall just as you would with art prints.

Only you can incorporate different shapes to make something really unique.

What About a Mirror On The Ceiling?

When we think about hanging a mirror above the bed, we usually think of it being on the wall above the bedhead.

How about actually having a mirror above the bed, on the ceiling?

May sound a tad kinky to some folk I guess!

Why would you want a mirror on the ceiling over the bed anyway?

I'll leave that for you to decide.

I have no idea how it would affect the Feng Shui of the room though.

You'd also want to make sure you've used a good tradesperson to install it, especially if you live in an earthquake prone area.

But in all seriousness, hotels will sometimes use mirrors on the ceiling & perhaps it may be something that may work in the right bedroom.

mirror on ceiling above bed

Final Thoughts

It may not be the best Feng Shui, but hanging a mirror above your bed can be done in a positive way .. it's not like it will attract bad luck.

Especially as there are ways to balance the energies.

Mirrors are also wonderful wall décor & can compliment any bedroom.

I hope this article has answered your questions & has given you something to reflect upon (oh dear ..bad pun alert!)

If you've found value in this article, please feel free to pass it along .. it's always appreciated.


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