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7 Ways To Enhance Your Walls With Triptych Art Prints

abstract triptych art above sofa

Creating Unique Wall Décor With Split-Panel Prints

Triptych art prints are a really accessible way to turn photographs & images into unique wall décor.

There's also many art & print stores offering multi-panel prints on a variety of mediums with a range of subject matter.

Although any number of panels can be created, an image split into 3 is called a triptych.

Triptychs are a wonderful choice for unique wall décor.

Good things come in three's & art prints are no different.

So why do 3 panels work so well?

Our brains are wired for pattern recognition & 3 is the smallest number of elements needed to create a pattern.

Many art forms use this principle, such as landscape gardeners & interior designers.

Here's 7 ways that you can incorporate triptych art into your home décor.


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free triptych downloadable wall art

1. Create A Focal Point

landscape triptych art

There’s no doubt that a triptych art piece catches your eye & are perfect for creating visual impact.

There's many options as to how & where they can be displayed, as well as the subject matter chosen.

They can be a stunning centrepiece for any space.

Triptychs are ideal for creating a focal point in a room.

They're a simple way of creating a feature wall, or defining areas in more open plan spaces.

modern triptych art

2. Reach New Heights

triptych art on staircase wall

Because triptych prints can be hung at different heights, they can be used to great effect in awkward spaces.

They produce an interesting perspective on any stairwell & even under the stairs.

The article below explores more creative ways to display these 3 panel prints.


3. Staggering Wall Art

triptych photograph on kitchen wall

The 3 panels don't always have to be the same size.

This allows for creative leeway, as you're able to arrange & stagger the panels in any creative fashion you like whilst keeping the overall image.

You aren’t confined by symmetry.

4. Bring Empty Walls To Life

contemporary triptych art

You can fill a large space on a wall whilst keeping cohesion.

Sometimes you have a blank wall space to fill, but you don’t want a cluttered look of different art pieces.

Three panels spread across the wall looks clean & coherent.

5. Tell A Story

wedding photographs as triptych prints

You can tell a story.

Through multiple images you're able to create a narrative.

A wedding is a good example.

There can be three separate photographs depicting three different aspects of the wedding day.

When these images are processed the same, as in the colour & other visual aspects are kept consistent, they’ll have the same feel.

When grouped together they'll add narrative & depth that a single image couldn't portray.

6. Showing A Different Side

portrait photos as triptych prints

Triptych art allows you to show various perspectives of the same subject.

You could have the same landscape shown from three different viewpoints, alternatively it could be exactly the same scene taken under different weather conditions.

Triptychs are wonderful for portraits as they can capture different emotions & facial expressions.

Great for pet photography too!

7. Add A Splash Of Colour

artistic triptych prints

Like any art, triptychs can be used to great effect for injecting a splash of colour into a space.

Ideal for accentuating & complimenting other colours incorporated in the room décor.

You can also have 3 images of the same subject, but in different colours.

Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup images are a good example.

You can incorporate the use of different colour whilst maintaining a consistent theme.


Do You Have A Fireplace?


If you're looking for quality, original abstract triptych art, definitely check out Artexplore.

abstract triptych art for sale

Final Thoughts

I must admit, I've never created triptych prints from my own photographs, but writing this article has got me thinking.

Triptychs are very versatile too, as they can be used to create modern & contemporary art as well fun pieces, such as family snapshots.

Not every image is a candidate for split-panel prints, so to learn which photos to use I suggest reading:


I hope you found some inspiration from this article & please feel free to share if somebody else may find value too.


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