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10 Easy Paint & Wallpaper Free Decorating Ideas For Boring Walls

woman looking at boring wall

Simple Ways To Brighten Ugly & Empty Walls Without Breaking The Bank

The main décor elements for a home are the window dressings, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings & how we decorate the walls.

Curtains & blinds can easily be removed or replaced, as too furniture & soft furnishings can be swapped out & updated.

Light fittings can be replaced & some elements of wall décor can also be changed quite easily.

But painting or wallpapering walls is quite a commitment.

It can also be a large & time consuming endeavour & hiring contractors can also be an expensive outlay.

There are many wall décor ideas & alternatives for brightening ugly or boring walls aside from paint or wallpaper.

A house just isn’t a home until it’s had some touch of décor.

Painting & adding colour to the walls is one of the most significant ways to achieve this.


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But painting & wallpapering isn't always possible in some circumstances.

Reasons Why Paint Or Wallpaper May Not Be Practical

Every home is different as are people’s circumstances.

Perhaps the walls aren’t in the best condition & just getting them prepared for painting or wallpaper is a mammoth undertaking.

Bringing in professional painters isn’t cheap & you may not have the time or inclination to do it yourself.

If you’re renting, the landlord might not give you permission to add your own colour to the walls.

You’re unsure about which colours to choose, so you want to sit on it for a while before making a decision.

But in the meantime, don’t let this stop you from injecting some of your own personality into your home.

10 Decorating Ideas To Bring Your Empty Walls Back To Life!

Some are inexpensive, others require a bit more of a spend.

Some are quick & easy, others will involve some DIY.

Find what works for you & in no time your bare & uninteresting walls will look amazing!

1. Add Colour To Your Walls With Art

large artwork above sofa

Probably the most popular & easiest way to add some personality to your walls.

When we think of wall art, usually framed photos & canvas prints come to mind.

But wall art comes in all sorts of shapes & sizes.

Acrylic & metal prints are fantastic for bringing a modern & contemporary feel to a space.

There's also wood block prints which work well with rustic & farmhouse décor.

framed abstract art on brick wall

landscape photo on white brick wall

Wall art is more than just paintings & prints though, there's wall hangings & tapestries, sculptures & many other decorative designs.

Large artworks are a fantastic way to cover a decent amount of wall space as well as injecting colour & personality into a room.


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2. Brighten Up A Dull Wall Using Mirrors

young girl hanging wall mirror

Mirrors are great for bouncing light around as well as creating a sense of space.

The styles of mirrors available are huge, some are art in themselves.

With mirrors you can hang a single large one or create a gallery of smaller ones.

You can get really creative as to how you use them.


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3. Your Walls Will Speak For Themselves With Signage

amusing sign in laundry

Signs are another style of wall art that can be used effectively to brighten up a boring wall space.

Kitchens, bathrooms & toilets are often popular spaces in the home for this style of décor.


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But the right sign could work in other areas of the home too.

There's also the neon style signs that can be fantastic for entertainment areas or children's & teenager's bedrooms.

4. Decals & Stickers - A Simple Fix For A Plain Wall

decorative wall decals on blank wall

Wall decals & stickers are kind of the same thing, but different!

Decals have a removable backing paper as well as a transfer surface on the front to help apply them to the wall.

With stickers you simply peel off the backing paper.

Easy to apply, they’re both great ways to add colour & design to a blank wall.

A wide choice means you’re able to find a design & style to suit any space.


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5. Create Interest On Your Walls With Washi Tape

stack of washi tape rolls

Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape made from rice paper.

It comes in a variety of colours & designs & is repositionable as well as removable without causing any marking.

You can get super creative & make all sorts of designs.

It can also be used to stick up prints or posters.

6. Change It Up With Chalkboard & Chalk Paint

woman writing on chalk board

Okay, this is a type of paint, but you can also simply use chalk paint on any sheet of wood to create a chalkboard.

Plus chalkboards can be bought ready made too.

They're a fun idea for kitchens & children's bedrooms.

Really practical in kitchens for writing down to do lists.

You can also have fun creating a menu like in a café.

Children can have loads of fun drawing on the wall without getting into trouble!

Or let the inner artist in you come out & play.

You can create something new whenever the mood hits you.

If fixing the chalkboard to the wall is a concern, you can also buy chalkboard contact paper.

7. Add Texture With Grid Panels & Pegboards

mesh panel in industrial style home

You can buy these panels & boards, but a visit to the tip shop might uncover some up-cycling gems.

As well as a clever idea for covering the wall, they're also practical for storing things.

The mesh panels are a wonderful way to create a rustic or industrial look too.

8. Add Impact To A Lifeless Wall With Plants

living wall of plants

Known as living walls, using plants is a fantastic alternative to paint or wallpaper.

In the right space they can be a real centrepiece as well as bringing the outdoors inside.

Some DIY will be required to get a living wall started, as well as some ongoing care & attention.

If you don’t want to make something as large as a living wall, you can simply hang potted greenery in individual pots & containers.

Creating stylish shelving to attach potted plants is also a wonderful wall décor idea.

shelving full of plants

9. Create A Practical & Stylish Wall Space With Cabinets & Shelves

modern shelving system on blank yellow wall

As well as being a practical storage solution, incorporating built in cabinets & shelving is another way to cover a tired wall.

As well as the shelving being a feature in & of itself, you can also create eye catching & colourful displays.

10. Adorn Your Walls With Your Favourite Things

wall decor

Whether it’s guitars, hats, tools or any other of your fondest items, displaying them on the wall can not only look really cool, it's a safe place to store them as well.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking for a permanent or temporary solution for a dull & boring wall space, I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration.

Here's some other helpful articles that will give you further ideas & many are damage free.


Please feel free to share this article if you know someone who may also find it helpful.


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