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12 Reasons Why Your Décor Will Love You For Using Oversized Art

large artwork above sofa

Large Art Prints May Be Just What Your Space Needs

We’ve all heard the phrase “ it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it “.

But when it comes to art, sometimes bigger can be better.

Whatever size space or decorating style, there's many reasons for choosing large art prints for your wall décor.

Large artworks aren’t only the domain of collectors & Madison Avenue penthouses.

Whether you have a modest apartment or an average suburban home, displaying oversized art prints will bring an added dimension to your décor.

Here's 12 reasons to explore why large art may be just what your space needs.

1. Make A Statement

large colourful art print in home office

Just like using caps lock on your keyboard, a big artwork will shout out to the world.

You can really express your feelings through the art you display.

It may be graffiti art, an abstract or any image that speaks to you.

Guests will get a pretty good idea of what you’re about when they see this huge statement piece on the wall.

But it doesn’t need to be confronting, it can be something like a nature scene or a painting with soft pastels & muted colours.

You’re able to set the tone by the choice of image & colour.

If you're looking for original abstract artworks in large sizes, I highly recommend Artexplore as I love that they promote independent artists.

large abstract art for sale

Depending on the size of your abode, the entrance could be the perfect spot for setting the mood before entering your home.

large art print in entrance

2. Create A Feature

large abstract painting hung between windows

Sometimes a room can be lacking a focal point, or a feature to draw the eye’s attention.

Fireplaces are a good example of a feature, or it could be shelves adorned with ornaments & even a painted or wallpapered wall.

Painting & wallpapering can be messy & time consuming, so using a huge artwork is a great way to create a feature wall.


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Choosing an artwork with warm & inviting colours, then arranging some comfy chairs, creates a lovely cosy area to sit, sip wine & have a chat.

large framed photo of beach scene on wall

3. Price

art auction

Contrary to what you may think, you don’t need a huge bank balance to buy huge art.

There are many art suppliers that offer oversized art for a few hundred dollars.

These pieces can be many feet in width or height, so you won’t need to take out a 2nd mortgage to own a large artwork.

Because you’re only buying one artwork, it may well work out cheaper than buying 3 or 4 to fill the same wall space.

4. Add A Splash Of Colour

large colourful artwork of sunflowers

What a fabulous way to inject some colour into a space.

You may want a neutral or restrained colour palette, but would still like to introduce an element of vibrancy.

A large vibrant artwork will add life without an overload of colour.


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A single large artwork can also compliment or mirror the colour of another accent piece such as a sofa for instance.

5. Cover An Ugly Wall

large art print on brick wall

A big artwork can be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

If you have a wall that’s in need of repair or has seen better days, but you can’t be bothered with any DIY, cover it with art!

It may be a feature wall that’s painted a colour you don’t like, or the wallpaper is looking dated.

Hang a modern artwork to update the room & bring it into the 21st century.


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6. Add Balance

large framed blank canvas above dresser

A balanced room is when the décor, layout & size of furniture are all working in harmony.

A tricky thing to get right.

The artwork needs to work in harmony with the colours of your décor, but going large when it comes to art can help give the space composure.

When wall art is too small it simply looks lost & .. well .. a bit sad.

Matching the size of artwork to available wall space, furniture & other elements will give the room unity & symmetry.

Large artworks command the wall they’re hanging on & help to solidify all the other features in the room.

7. Reduce Noise

oversized abstract framed painting

Especially in larger spaces with hard floors & minimal furniture, footsteps & conversation can bounce off surfaces as there’s nothing to absorb the noise.

No need for sticking egg cartons on the walls!

Okay, you’re not going to soundproof a room with art, but it does become a surface that will deaden some sound.

big wall tapestry hanging above sofa

A large wall hanging will prevent noise from reflecting off a wall, as will a canvas print, but not to the same degree.

A handy DIY solution is to insert soundproofing foam behind the canvas.


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8. Less Is More

large oriental print in minimalist interior

If you prefer the minimalist look, a large artwork is perfect.

With minimal furniture, the artwork can inject some personality without the clutter.

By having just the one artwork, the walls are less busy & the visual energy in the room is calmer.

9. On The Move

couple carrying large artwork up stairs

Owning just a few large artworks, instead of accumulating many smaller pieces, is ideal if you’re constantly moving house.

You may have a job that means relocating often, or if you’re a renter in between finding a long term home, packing up will be much easier.

When the time comes to move you won’t be spending half a day packing away pictures & other small wall art items.

Plus there won’t be as many holes in the wall to repair!


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10. Be Casual

artwork leaning against wall on floor

Not only if you’re renting, but if you don’t want to be messing about with nails & hooks, leaning large artworks is actually a thing.

It doesn’t mean you can’t be bothered hanging it on the wall!

Simply placing a fair sized artwork on the floor & leaning it against the wall can give a casual, bohemian elegance to your room.

But for it to work well, you need to show that it was a deliberate choice.

Place stacks of books either side ( Jack Kerouac’s On The Road & Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig should impress your friends! )

Also a vase or other ornaments will anchor it to the spot.

A mantelpiece is a perfect place, as well as any shelves that can accommodate a large artwork.

Layering is another technique for displaying art that simply means stacking them in front of each other.

Again, it sounds like a way to justify not being bothered!

But arranging smaller art pieces & other decorative ornaments around each other keeps it casual yet stylish.

11. Split The Difference

large split panel prints above bed

Using split panel prints is another way to cover an entire wall.

They are commonly available in 2, 3, 5 & 7 panels.

By using multiple panels to make one large wall art piece, they can be arranged in different ways & are good for those awkward places such as stairwells.

Alternatively, creating a gallery wall with larger art prints arranged to make one coherent display, is another way to cover a large wall area.

free downloadable triptych wall art prints

colourful abstract paintings gallery wall

12. Room Size

big empty room with large artwork on wall

Rooms can be long or wide, some small & others too big.

You’re may already be aware that interior designers will use light colours to open up a space & warmer colours to create intimacy.

You can use this principle when choosing a large artwork for your space.

Just because you may have a small room doesn’t mean you can’t live large!

Placing a big light coloured artwork on the wall will help to visually expand the room, especially if you have dark walls already.

If a room seems cavernous & uninviting, a big artwork with warm colours can create a sense of intimacy.

large spacious room with large art on wall

Final Thoughts

When carefully considered, larger artworks can have a real impact on a space.

If your budget allows, they can also be a good investment.

But even more affordable pieces will pay themselves off as you’ll have them for many years.

I hope you found this article helpful & as always, I always appreciate a share.


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