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Triptych Art - Windows To Another World

framed triptych photograph in sitting room

Add Extra Dimension To Your Wall Décor With Split Panel Prints

There's a lot of variety when it comes to decorating your walls & choosing artwork.

Artworks can be abstract, minimal, coastal, lovely nature images & anything else you can imagine.

Triptych art is one such style that is still extremely popular & for good reason.

Like other forms of wall art, triptychs are available in a plethora of subject matter, sizes & styles.

Because this style of wall art is split over 3 panels, triptychs can be used in very creative ways to add another dimension to your walls.

One such way is to approach triptychs as though they're a window to another world.

3 separate images that follow a theme, or carry the same style, are also considered as triptychs.

But using a 3 panel print to create a window effect, single high quality images are what's needed.

Best Photographs For Creating Added Dimension

triptych art of country lane hung on grey wall

An image needs to draw your eye into the scene as though you're looking through a window.

The photographs that have the greatest effect will either be of vast & even empty landscapes, but the image also needs a good composition with flowing lines or a converging perspective leading the viewer into & through the scene.

triptych art print of cityscape in minimalist room

For this, nature scenes generally seem to fit the bill, although urban & street images can also be really effective.

Print Panel Sizes

large triptych landscape displayed above cabinet

Larger print panels are going to be more effective, as smaller triptychs won't have the same impact.

Just like a window, the larger it is, the more it draws the outside scene into the room.

It will also depend on the wall space & where the triptych is being displayed.

Often, triptychs can consist of different sized panels which can look great, but this won't create the window effect, as generally, a set of windows are the same size.

vertical triptych on narrow wall next to bedroom

A triptych can also be orientated vertically, fabulous for those taller but narrower wall spaces.

Image Quality

The image quality needs to be fairly high, as the larger you go, the resolution, or lack of it, will become apparent.

But you don't need to have a top of the range DSLR camera to photograph & create a triptych.

You don't need to purchase expensive prints or images either.

2,000 pixels on the longest edge is usually sufficient for large size prints, but most prints & downloadable images sold are higher than this.

Check out some FREE downloadable triptych wall art.

free downloadable triptych art prints

I'd also recommend images with 300 DPI (dots per square inch) for good print quality.

DPI is the measurement indicating how many ink dots a printer can place in one square inch.

Any less than this & the image can start to look blocky.

To Frame Or Not To Frame?

Although windows have frames, a triptych can still draw the viewers eyes into the scene & add that extra dimension to your walls.

Some images don't lend themselves as well to framing & can be more effective without them.


To learn more about how frames affect multi-panel prints I'd recommend reading:


But usually, the style of photographs used to create a window effect will work very well with frames.

beach triptych mounted in old window frames

How about actually using window frames?

This could be a really creative, fun & unique talking point in a room.

If you can find 3 second hand window frames of the same size & mount your triptych within these, what a great effect.

Just be careful nobody tries sticking their head outside!

Where To Display Your Triptych

beautiful triptych image of a forest above kitchen sink

Wherever you wish to create some interest or a focal point, you can hang a triptych.

The kitchen can benefit from a triptych, especially if you live in an apartment, as often the kitchen area won't have a window.

Instead of staring at a blank wall whilst doing the washing up, you can get lost in a lovely nature scene.

Bathrooms are another room in the home that can be wonderful for a triptych.

sunset beach triptych displayed above bath

Enjoying a glass of wine & a nice hot bath, you can imagine you're in the balmy Caribbean or chilling on a tropical beach.

But wherever you want to create the illusion of depth, a triptych can be hung.

The staircase landing is a good spot for a vertical triptych as this can often be a narrower wall space.


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triptych art of night sky hanging above bed

Above the bed can also be a great location & choosing the right image you will almost create the effect of sleeping in the great outdoors or under the night sky.

Are you looking for unique family wall art? As well as 3 panel prints, Canvas Vows also have a range of personalized home décor.

personalized wall art for sale

Final Thoughts

It's said the eyes are the windows to the soul.

But the art you choose to display on your walls also reflects your uniqueness, personality & style.

Using triptych art is a fabulous window of opportunity for creating stunning décor that will add an extra dimension to your walls, whatever your decorating style.

I hope you found some inspiration in this article & please pass it along if you feel someone else may find value in it.


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