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Triptych Art - A Solution For Awkward Wall Spaces

framed triptych art on narrow wall space

Styling Difficult Walls With 3 Panel Art Prints

Without walls, there'd be nowhere to hang your favourite art!

But not all walls are created equal, sometimes there's a space where you'd like to hang some art, but the shape or size of the wall is a bit tricky.

Here's some ideas & possible solutions using triptych prints for styling those difficult spaces.

Triptych prints can consist of different sized panels as well as being displayed at varying heights. This makes them an ideal style of wall art for those awkward wall spaces.

Large & Empty Boring Walls

Probably one of the most common concerns when it comes to decorating a space is a large wall that's looking somewhat uninspiring.

Big empty walls can make a room seem uninviting, but you may not want to make it appear too busy either.

Instead of finding a number of separate artworks to fill the wall space, a single large triptych can serve the purpose.

Although a gallery wall layout could be a wonderful solution as well, a triptych fills the space whilst not being too visually busy.

A single image can create a fabulous impact.

oversized triptych print in empty apartment

A single large triptych made from an impactful image can be a simple but effective solution for filling a large & uninviting wall space.

Add a couple of pot plants or lamps to create a more welcoming feel.

Looking for large triptych abstract art by independent artists?

original triptych art for sale

Narrow Wall Spaces

The opposite of too much empty wall space are those narrow & tall areas, such as between windows & doors.

Not a large enough area to hang a single print, but still in need of some décor.

3 panel prints hung next to door

Triptych art can also be 3 images consisting of a common theme.

Because triptychs can also be used vertically, they're ideal for adequate coverage whilst again, not becoming visually noisy.

family triptych portrait in utility room

Smaller sized prints are really effective in decorating tall & narrow wall spaces where a single print simply wouldn't be well proportioned or look balanced.


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Protruding Walls

Not all walls are flat, they can have features built into them.

Protrusions, ledges & just awkward areas that are built out from the wall.

pink abstract triptych on protruding wall space

In the image above, the wall was built to act as a shelf.

A panoramic single print would also look good, but a split panel print adds that extra dynamic.

black and white abstract triptych above wall recess

In this instance, a shelf is created by a small recess.

But the area above is another wall space perfect for a triptych art piece.

This leads us on to the next awkward space ..


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Recessed Walls

A wonderful way to break up an otherwise large or uninteresting wall space.

Small recesses are best for ornaments, but larger ones can be utilized for shelving & storage solutions or creating a defined space in a room.

framed triptych prints above bed in wall recess

Sometimes a bed, sofa or cabinet can be positioned within the recess.

This doesn't leave enough wall area for a large art print, but a triptych is ideal.

The furniture may not be positioned central within the recess either, but hanging a triptych central to the furniture creates balance.

motivational split panel prints next to water cooler in office

Even the office can benefit from triptych art.

That awkward or empty recess by the water cooler or coffee machine can be a more interesting space to take a break & chat with your fellow workers.


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Plain Old Ugly Walls

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes a wall can be .. well .. just plain ugly!

I love exposed brick, but it can be overwhelming if it's throughout the entire room.