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Framing Triptych Prints, You Can But Should You?

abstract triptych art on orange wall

Deciding If Your 3 Panel Wall Art Will Benefit From Framing

Triptych prints, sometimes known as 3 panel prints or split panel prints, can be a really versatile & creative style of wall art for your home.

Multi-panel prints can be divided into 2 or more separate panels, some print services even offer 7 panel art prints.

But triptychs work well because groupings of 3 seem to be the most pleasing.

Landscape gardeners, florists, interior designers & other creative professions understand this law of three.


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What Are Triptych Art Prints?


Like any style of wall art, framing can add or detract from an image depending on the medium it's printed to & the subject matter of the artwork.

Should triptych prints be framed? Often, triptych art can benefit from the right choice of frame. But there are times when a framed image within a 3 panel print won't suit a frame or look aesthetically pleasing.

Just as there are many photographs, paintings & graphics that can create a triptych, there's also a huge choice of framing styles available.

Even with triptych art prints, you need to choose a frame that compliments the image or set of images.

But not all art is enhanced by framing, so you first need to decide if your triptych print will benefit from being framed.

Does The Triptych Need Framing?

Just because you can doesn't always mean you should.

Like any piece of wall art, sometimes it can look nicer unframed.

When we think of triptychs & split panel prints, often canvas wraps come to mind.

But triptychs can be created as mounted photographs too.

Acrylic & metal prints are another option & although this print medium can be framed, they can often look best unframed.

The photograph or artwork itself will also determine whether it suits framing.

unframed triptych photograph in spacious room

This landscape photograph is a wonderful composition & creates a beautiful triptych print.

Whether it's printed as a canvas wrap or on acrylic or metal, the flowing lines in the photograph are ideal for an unframed wall art set.

framed triptych photograph in spacious room

The same photograph also looks good framed, but keep in mind a thinner frame works best.

framed & matted triptych photograph

Matting this photograph simply doesn't work.

There's too much space interrupting the flowing lines & instead of the image being coherent, it becomes fragmented.

framed & matted abstract triptych art prints

Whereas a different style of triptych art can really benefit from the same mounting & matting.

framed triptych art prints in white room

This abstract triptych print also looks good in a thinner frame without the matting.

Framing can also be an accent, helping to connect the artwork to other elements in the room.


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unframed triptych art prints in white room

Although this 3 panel set looks fine unframed as well, I prefer it held within a frame.

I feel it can look a bit lost on the wall otherwise.

Frame & Matte Sizes

Exploring further what we've already touched on, the thickness of the frame & matting is also a consideration.

framed & matted landscape triptych photograph

Generally, landscapes don't work well with too thick of a frame or matting.

The image loses coherency & becomes disjointed.

landscape triptych photograph above sofa

The same landscape photograph with a narrower matte looks really crisp, especially as the white matte provides relief from the darker image & black frames allowing the photograph to pop.

colourful abstract triptych prints above modern sofa

Abstract triptychs which are created from 3 images following a theme seem to work best with larger frame sizes & thicker matting.

abstract triptych prints in wooden frames in office

Abstract triptych art works well with minimalist décor too & even in the office environment.

Unframed metal or acrylic prints are ideal for that modern feel, but the thick wooden frames work great to add some texture & relief from what could be a cold or uninviting space.


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