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What Style Triptych Should You Choose For Your Wall Décor?

abstract triptych art in minimalist room

How To Find The Perfect 3 Panel Art Print For Your Home

If you've found this article, you probably already know what triptych art prints are & you're wondering what style is going to suit your taste & décor.


If you're new to this type of artwork, check out :


Like any art, triptychs are available in a choice of styles & genres.

From photographs & paintings to digital art, colourful or subtle as well as hand-made, there's a style of triptych out there that's the perfect match for your home décor.

The style of triptych to use will not only reflect your decorating style & compliment accent colours, it will sit proportional to the wall space it's displayed on.

Triptychs can look fabulous in any room of the home, from the living room, kitchen & dining area to staircase walls & even in children's bedrooms.

Abstract Triptych Art

framed abstract triptych prints

This is a style that lend itself well to 3 panel prints.

Abstract art can be original works & one-offs that are very high end & could be the perfect choice for creating a stylish living room, entrance & even dining area.

If you're looking for quality, original abstract triptych art, definitely check out Artexplore.

abstract triptych art for sale

But abstract art needn't be expensive either.

There's many super affordable abstracts available from creative graphic & digital artists too.

Often these are available as downloads which allows you to either print out at home, or upload to your favourite print service.

printable triptych art on living room wall

Either way, abstract art is very versatile in that it will blend with many décor styles.

It can be bold & colourful, pastel & more subtle, to simple & minimalistic line drawings.

Abstract Photographic Prints

abstract  triptych photograph in dining area

Photography is a wonderful style that also works well for creating abstract triptych prints.

Like art prints, the photography can be bold & colourful or black & white.

The images can be patterns & geometrically inspired, or simple & minimalistic.

monochrome triptych abstract photo above cabinet

Landscape Art & Photography

landscape triptych photo above grey sofa

Whether it's a painting or a photograph, landscapes are wonderful for triptych prints.

Because the image is divided across 3 panels, generally panoramic shots work best.

Being a panoramic means they can be very eye-catching without dominating the room.

pastel coloured triptych painting in bedroom

A landscape triptych can add some warmth to a room too, especially when full of autumn colours.

Beach & Coastal

black & white triptych photo of a jetty in sparse room

Landscapes aren't just rolling fields & mountains, beach & coastal images are ideal for creating wonderful 3 panel prints too.

Many coastal compositions & beach imagery looks amazing divided across 3 separate prints.

If you're wanting to produce a coastal décor theme, a large triptych could really create that focal point in the room.

coastal themed 3 panel print in bedroom

And of course, triptychs don't need to be a single image split over 3 panels, you can have 3 individual images that carry a common theme.

So adding some beach vibes could consist of 3 prints portraying a similar coastal style.

Family Snap Shots

3 family photos in sitting area of a home

Photographs of the family & even pets, are probably the most displayed images on peoples walls.

Why not turn them into something creative & artistic with triptych prints?

Next time you take a family photo, find a backdrop & composition that will lend itself to being divided over 3 panels.

Alternatively, a triptych can be produced by having the same effect or filter applied to each photo to produce a consistent theme or feel.

There's many free online applications that allow you to upload your photos & turn them into a unique piece of wall art.

Are you looking for unique family wall art? As well as 3 panel prints, Canvas Vows also have a range of personalized home décor.

personalized wall art for sale

Creating Calm

triptych image of ocean waves

Having art the walls is one of the most impactful ways to generate a mood or feeling in a space.

Certain imagery can bring a sense of calm & relaxation to a room.

Minimalist landscapes & abstracts can achieve this & photographs of waves work amazingly well too.

triptych painting of muted landscape

Colours are important as well, as more pastel & subdued shades will invoke a peaceful & serene vibe.

Adding Vibrancy

bold & colourful triptych art in white room

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a bold & colourful triptych will certainly add a needed splash of colour to an otherwise neutral room.

Whether it's an abstract or a photograph, a colourful image can add vibrancy as well as a bit of fun!

fun triptych prints in child's bedroom

Some colourful triptychs can be fantastic in a children's room or play area.

Check out some FREE downloadable triptych wall art.

free triptych downloadable wall art

A Size To Fit Any Wall

vertical triptych art in room with retro décor

As well as the overall size of the 3 prints when displayed together, the prints themselves can be different sizes.

A triptych can also be vertical as well as horizontal.

This gives you options when displaying the 3 panels on awkward or unusual shaped walls.

The staircase is one such example, but there can be other wall spaces in the home where a triptych could be the solution where a single print may not look right.


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Final Thoughts

Triptychs & multi-panel prints aren't new, but they're still such a terrific style of art to use creatively around the home.

So many print services now offer this type of of wall art as well, which makes it easy to shop for the ideal triptych for your wall décor.

Triptych art prints can be used in many creative ways to enhance your walls & home décor as the article below explores.


Please feel free to pass this article around if you feel someone may also find inspiration for using triptych art in their home.


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