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Give Your Family Photos A New Lease On Life With Triptych Prints

family triptych photo at the beach

Creating Unique 3 Panel Wall Art With Family Snapshots

Family photos & snapshots would have to be one of the most popular pictures that people like to display, whether it's on the walls or the fridge!

But they can be more than just happy snaps, these images can become fabulous wall art & there's many ways you can express your individual creativity.

Triptych prints are one such way.

If you've never come across this style of wall art before, it's taking a single image & dividing it over 3 separate panels, or alternatively, using 3 separate images & tying them together with a common theme.


If you're new to this type of artwork, check out :


Triptych prints can turn average family photos into wonderful art that create unique & individual wall décor.

You don't need a professional photographer or a studio to create fun, one of a kind art prints for your family home.

Images taken on phones these days can be of a high quality & more than enough resolution to enlarge into even large size prints.

Plus, it's more fun & has more meaning when you've created something yourself, especially if it's for the whole family to enjoy.

Giving A Family Portrait A New Lease On Life

fun family triptych photo

Photos like the one above are ideal & lots of fun too.

It's definitely easier if there's only 3 people in the shot, but providing you think ahead, it's more than possible to fit even the largest family into a triptych print.

large family in triptych photo

If you're taking family photos with the intention of creating triptych prints, then you need to keep in mind where everyone is placed within the shot.

It's a good idea not get too close, that way you can crop & align the composition afterward.

But you may want to look through some photos you've already taken to find some triptych contenders.

Family Triptychs To Fit Any Wall Space

vertical triptych print of young family

Triptychs can also be vertically orientated.

This can work really well for certain photos & also allows the print to sit on a narrower wall space.

Perfect for that top of the stairs wall or even certain entrances & hallways.


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various size 3 panel print of family

The 3 panels don't all have to be the same size either.

This makes it easier to create a triptych when the family members aren't ideally positioned within the composition.

Uniquely Individual

a photo of a family member in the garden turned into triptych print

Triptych prints are also a wonderful way to reflect a family members individuality.

Because the image can be spread across 3 panels, it's a great way to include them enjoying their passion & hobbies & expressing their unique personality.

framed triptych print of young girl playing guitar

The photo above is a good example of capturing someone engaged in their interest & turning it into a wonderful piece of wall art.

The textures & colour in the photo work well with the room décor & the frames really set it off by matching the wood furniture.

framed triptych print of old man fishing

Even an unplanned photo opportunity can become a wonderful triptych print.

Again, the right choice of frame really makes a difference too.

Check out some FREE downloadable triptych wall art.

free triptych downloadable wall art

Good Things Come In Threes

triptych print of new born baby

Triptychs can also be created with 3 separate photos of an individual family member, as in the image above with a very recent addition to the family.

The baby photos are a great example of how a wonderful triptych was created by capturing a unique pose or facial expression for each panel, whilst keeping a consistent look or feel to each photo.

A Fun Day Out

triptych photo of family riding bicycles

Going out with the intention to capture photos for turning into triptychs can be a fun day out for everyone too.

If you have an idea of the final print dimensions & size you want for a particular wall space, it's a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to be engaged in an activity.

Photo Editing Made Easy

3 photo edited family portraits

Another fun & creative way to create triptych prints with family photos is to use photo manipulation.

There's many free online photo editors that don't require Photoshop skills.

Simply upload the image & experiment with all the various effects & filters.

You can then print the photos yourself, or upload them to your favourite print service to be turned into canvas prints or any other medium of your choice.

3 edited photo prints of family members

The photos above were edited in LunaPic, but a quick search will bring up loads of free online editors, some being:

Are you looking for unique family wall art? As well as 3 panel prints, Canvas Vows also have a range of personalized home décor.

personalized wall art for sale

Final Thoughts

When I first discovered the joy of photography, it was still in the days when you'd send your roll of 24 or 36 exposures off to the chemist (or drug store, depending where you are in the world )

Now we can all take happy snaps on our phones & instantly see the results, as well as never running out of film!

The digital era has made it fun & easy to take family snapshots & turn them into wonderful wall décor.

Triptych prints are one such way to create fun, unique & individual wall art from family photos.

There's many ways triptych prints can be used for wall décor as the article below explores.


Please feel free to pass this article on if you feel someone may also find inspiration for creating family triptych wall art.


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