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7 Reasons Framed Pictures Make Wonderful Wedding Gifts

photographic wedding gift

Are You Invited To A Wedding & Stuck For A Gift Idea?

Buying a gift for any occasion can be a tricky affair & weddings are no different.

Whether you’ve known the bride & groom your whole life or you’ve been invited along to the event with a friend, you still want to bring a present that shows you’ve put some thought into it.

This is why framed photographs are an excellent gift choice for any occasion including weddings.

Weddings can be really tricky when thinking about buying an appropriate gift. A framed picture may be just the present you're looking for.

1. A Meaningful Present

As well as capturing memories, photographs carry meaning & emotions.

Although practical, a toaster or a set of kitchen knives don’t quite achieve the same response.

Candid photos are a good candidate, perhaps you have a picture of them kissing, holding hands or any other image that reflects how much in love they are.

This leads us to the next reason ..


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2. A Pleasant Surprise

Although receiving a framed picture may not be a surprise in itself, the photograph can be.

You may have grabbed a shot at the buck’s party or hen’s night that they’re not aware of.

It doesn’t need to be an embarrassing photo of them drunk or anything, just a fun shot of them having a great time.

Alternatively, a landscape image of where they met or another location that has meaning for them can be a more restrained, yet still unexpected present.

3. Something Original

Whatever your relationship is to the 2 love birds, it’s nice to present them with a gift that isn’t your run of the mill electrical appliance or homeware item.

Not that these aren’t wonderfully practical gifts, but there’s always the possibility of buying a similar gift as someone else.


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With a framed photograph, even if someone else has the same idea, it won’t be the same picture or frame.

And because picture frames are an important aspect of wall décor, it’s still a beautiful item the couple can use in their home, which leads to the next reason ..

4. A Practical Present

Not only are the couple receiving a wonderful photograph, frames are a very practical gift.

There’s a huge choice of frame styles & colours, which if you know the couple well, you’ll know their particular taste in home décor.

This means that later down the track they may swap out the picture, but still have a lovely frame they can use for years to come .. another segue to the next reason ..

5. A Gift To Last A Lifetime

Toasters & appliances may come with warranties, but it’s rare these days to find electrical goods that last a lifetime.

As well as memories lasting a lifetime, there are certain photographic prints that are archival, such as metal, acrylic & fine art prints that have been rated to last for decades & even up to a hundred years plus.

These archival prints aren’t as expensive as you may think ..

6. A Gift To Suit Any Budget

Photographs can be printed on a number of different mediums & there’s a price to suit anyone’s budget.

Framed canvas prints are super affordable yet still look fantastic.

Acrylic & aluminium prints, when produced through a reputable print lab can be more expensive, but offer jaw dropping quality & are extremely durable.

Fine art photography & limited edition prints can be in the hundreds to even thousands of dollar price bracket.

But if the couple are into collecting art, then these types of photos can be an investment too.

7. A Stress Free Purchase

The great thing with printing photos, it can all be done from the comfort of your armchair.

No need to spend hours traipsing around the shops, simply upload your image to the print service of your choice, choose the type & size of print, frame style & wait for it to be delivered to your door.


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Even if you’re shopping for original photography, most photographers (like myself) offer a range of prints, sizes & frames as well as worldwide shipping.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason to rush around the shops at the last minute & be embarrassed by your wedding gift because you couldn’t decide what to buy.

A framed picture ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to finding that perfect gift.

I hope you found value in this article & that it’s also helped you in finding a wedding gift that you’re happy to present to the bride & groom.

Please feel free to share .. it’s always appreciated.


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