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11 Décor Styles & How To Find The Perfect Picture Frame To Match

picture frames on bedroom wall

Framing Your Art To Compliment Every Room In Your Home

Hanging artworks & pictures can be really satisfying.

Art brings such a wonderful energy to a space & is an important feature in creating the mood, feel & overall theme of a room.

Pictures & artworks also help to complete a room & tie in all the other décor elements.

A room can be decorated really well & have coherency, so the picture frames need to work in the same way.

How do you find the best frame style for a room? A picture frame can compliment a room’s decorating style, but it doesn’t always have to match. A unique picture frame can bring interest to a space & create a focal point.

There’s quite a decent range of shop bought & ready made frames available, but custom framing would be the way to go if you’re really looking for something unique.

Many artists & photographers, including myself, offer a range of frame styles with their artwork.

So finding a suitable picture frame is easy peasy, it’s just a matter of matching it to your decorating style.

1. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Modern Décor?

It’s hard to completely define “modern” décor, as it covers Urban Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist & to some degree Industrial styles.

But basically, modern décor offers simplicity, freshness & to some extent minimalism, as there’s fewer room accessories such as side tables, lamps & so on.

Overall, it’s an uncluttered look with clean lines & surfaces without emphasis on texture & detailing.

Any standard picture frame will work with modern décor.

Also silver, gold & metallic frames, provided they’re not decorative, can bring a touch of elegance whilst still looking sleek & uncluttered.

For art or photographs printed on canvas, floating frames are a fantastic choice for a modern aesthetic.


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If you like the clean & fresh look of modern décor, but still want to create a focal point or centrepiece to a space, one single artwork in an ornate, or even vintage style frame, will add a touch of quirkiness & personality.

vintage picture frame in modern living room

Above the sofa, fireplace or on a feature wall are prime spots, and keep in mind, larger artworks are more effective, as small pictures will look lost & out of place & just plain odd.


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2. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Contemporary Décor?

Contemporary décor can be modern, but it’s not as focused on clean lines & smooth finishes.

Allowing for a smattering of texture, a contemporary styled room brings a touch of warmth.

Although being relevant & of the moment, by using more neutral textures, colour & furnishing styles, contemporary design won’t date like the latest decorating fads can.

Similar to a modern styled room, any standard picture frame is going to work.

A perfect fit for a contemporary feel are floating frames & because you may want to introduce some texture, these can be raw or stained wood.

Wooden frames can also be used for photographs or any other artworks, not just canvas prints.

Metallic frames are an option & as previously mentioned, a single unique picture frame style will create a focal point & can even be a conversation starter.

3. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Minimalist Décor?

As it says on the label, this décor style is minimal, less is more as it’s often said.

Minimalism is clean & clutter free with only the essential furnishings & elements occupying the space.

This isn’t to say it's a cold or uninviting decorating style though.

Although the quantity of furnishings is less, they will all combine to create the desired feel, atmosphere & overall design.

In keeping with minimalist criteria, adorning the walls is usually just 1 or 2 artworks.

Colour is also kept to a few neutral shades, so natural wood frames can be a great addition to add a touch of warmth & texture.

Standard or plain black or white frames will work with any art style, but are wonderful for black & white or fine art prints.


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Floating frames are also suitable, but avoid ornate or decorative frames as they’ll detract from the cleanliness & will actually look a bit ugly.


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4. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Industrial Décor?

Industrial is a style that incorporates a modern vibe, but with repurposed & upcycled elements such as machinery, mechanical pieces & even aircraft parts.

Old instruments, dials & other factory bits & pieces bring an almost steampunk feel.

Using warehouse & factory elements, it’s definitely a more masculine energy.

Exposed brickwork, concrete & wood beams bring a sense of solidity & substance.

Not a style that suits any home, as more voluminous spaces & high lofty ceilings prevent the space from closing in & being too heavy.

But certainly, some elements can be introduced into most homes.

There’s a lot of opportunity to be creative with industrial décor.

Like any style, you can have too much of a good thing, so you don’t want every aspect, appliance & piece of furniture to follow an industrial theme.

So if you already have a good choice of industrial styled items & décor already, wood frames are a wonderful fit.

Wood frames also provide a nice contrast against exposed brick & concrete.

Wooden picture frames can also be inlaid with nuts, bolts & other mechanical items to create some interest.

There’s hammered aluminium frames available too as well as brass & basically any frame made from bare metal will offer the industrial look.

A quick image search on the Internet for industrial style picture frames will provide a wealth of ideas.


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5. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Rustic Décor?

This style of décor incorporates outdoor elements like wood, stone & furnishings made from natural fibres & textures.

Exposed brick & concrete can be another feature of this style & in some ways it’s similar to industrial décor, but with emphasis on nature rather than industry.

Colours are kept neutral in rustic design to allow the natural textures & materials to take centre stage.

So coloured frames may not sit in agreement with the existing décor.

But again, wooden frames are perfect for the rustic look, especially raw & recycled timbers.

Brass, copper & other metal frames won’t look out of place either & you may even get away with an ornate or vintage frame.

rustic picture frame above sofa

6. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Shabby Chic Décor?

This is an interesting style as it can incorporate a number of different designs.

Recycled & distressed furniture is a common feature which is almost a coastal touch, but shabby chic can also include antique & vintage elements.

Colours are kept subtle & muted along with softer fabrics & occasional pieces of glamour like ornate mirrors can be introduced.

Once again, wood frames get a mention, especially raw, recycled or distressed, as they are a perfect match for this style of decorating.


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Vintage & antique frames are also a wonderful addition & because shabby chic can include a touch of glamour, a beautiful ornate frame would make a great feature.

7. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Beach & Coastal Décor?

A very popular design choice as it brings a wonderful uplifting energy to a room.

Colours used reflect those you’d see at the beach like light airy blues & greens along with turquoise & aqua.

White, cream & other neutral shades are incorporated to keep the space bright & open.

Some nautical elements can also be introduced, but if it’s overdone it can look a bit kitsch.

Seems like wood frames suit any style of décor!

Recycled & distressed wood is a perfect match for creating that driftwood look.

But if you love the coastal colours but don’t want to be too heavy handed with the beach theme, floating frames would be a wonderful choice.

Floating frames work so well as they’re a clean & neutral design.

You could use white frames for an airy & spacious feel, or use blue & green frames to bring in some accent colour.


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8. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Cottage, Country & Farmhouse Décor?

Although 3 different styles, they share very similar characteristics.

Cottage décor is light & airy but cosy at the same time, incorporating natural textures & fabrics.

Country & farmhouse is also cosy & welcoming, but raw & stained woods are often used for furniture, benchtops & shelving alongside stone & exposed brick.

With cottage décor, distressed wood frames are a good match, but any standard frame in a muted tone will work well.

Lighter coloured raw wood will look nice too & ceramic frames are also a great choice.

Country & farmhouse décor are another style where natural wood frames are a perfect fit, but rustic style picture frames made from exposed metals are good if you wish to incorporate a different texture or material to your walls.

wooden rustic picture frame in farmhouse

9. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Bohemian Décor?

What a wonderful style to work with.

Bohemian is very eclectic & incorporates a variety of colours, patterns & textures.

Furniture, rugs, lighting & other accessories can be a mix of styles & all sit alongside each other.

If you’re like me, it’s a perfect style for those that love perusing opportunity & charity shops & markets.

Pulling in designs from around the world, boho is never boring & creates a space where the eye always finds something interesting to land on.

Which picture frame style doesn’t suit bohemian décor?

Actually, standard frames & floater frames may actually look out of place.

Of course this depends on how far you want to push the boho look.

Because it’s such an unconfined style, it could be easy to go boho crazy!

If you’re just introducing an eclectic touch with a few pieces, then standard & floating frames will help to keep things more subdued.

But boho lends itself so well to vintage frames as well as ornate & decorative frames made from metal, ceramic or wood.

10. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Art Deco, Vintage & Retro Décor?

Art deco is a style that originated in the 1920’s & 1930’s, while vintage décor gives a nod to the 1940’s & 1950’s, retro décor references the 1960’s, 1970’s or 1980’s.

This can be achieved by finding furnishings & accessories made in these eras, or using modern furniture that may not be an exact duplicate, but hints at the designs of those times.

Modern wall coverings are also available in art deco, vintage & retro patterns too, as are rugs & other soft furnishings.


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Choosing a picture frame will depend on the extent to which you're incorporating these eras into your décor.

If you’re just hinting at a certain decade, this will be achieved more through integrating a few select pieces of furniture.

In this instance, standard & modern frames could match really well.

Even with modern décor, one prominent artwork displayed in a vintage frame creates a wonderful focal point.

But if you’re looking to really turn your home into a true representation of a certain time period, then you may need to hit the vintage markets & auctions or have custom frames made to achieve that authenticity.

11. Which Picture Frame Style Suits Asian & Zen Décor?

Asian décor is very relaxing & more minimal with clean lines, the use of indoor greenery & natural materials like pebbles & stone.

Plain but textured rugs can be used over light wood or tiled floors.

Furniture will be simple, but intricate & ornate patterns can be introduced through silk cushions & other accessories.


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Being such a serene & almost minimalist design approach, Asian style décor suits more minimalist picture frames.

Floating frames work amazingly well, as do silver or gold metallic frames.

There’s also wooden frames available made to Asian aesthetics, these are often bamboo & other light timbers.

An ornate frame would suit this décor providing it was in the appropriate style with an Asian design.


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Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of different approaches you can take when pondering home décor styles.

But whatever your decorating tastes are, artwork & framed photographs on the walls are always a welcome, if not necessary, addition.

Because picture frames are available in many styles, it’s fairly simple to find the best fit for your particular tastes.


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I hope this article was helpful & has given you some ideas & inspiration.

Please feel free to share, I always appreciate it.


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