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Can You Frame Metal Photo Prints?

Framed Metal Print Above Bed

Metal photo prints really bring an image to life.

The colour saturation & detail that they’re capable of takes an image to another level.

It’s no surprise their popularity is still growing.

They look fantastic straight out of the box & are one of the most highly durable & long lasting ways to present your photograph, or purchase as artwork, that will last you decades.

So you may be wondering ..

Can a metal photo print be framed? Absolutely yes! Metal prints are easy to frame as they’re highly durable & scratch & UV protected. This means no glass or Perspex is needed in the framing process. There’s also various framing options for metal prints.

Why You May Choose To Frame A Metal Print

As well as being popular for their outstanding quality, metal prints also have a modern, clean & contemporary appeal.

This is because they are quite thin & the hardware used to display them makes them appear to float off the wall.

But this may not be your style or suit the space you’re hanging the print in.

By framing your print, you have a wider choice of style you can incorporate into your décor.

A floating frame is still a modern style, but because metal prints fit into a frame as easy as a mounted photographic print, your options are endless.

Frames also offer another layer of protection, especially in high traffic areas.

What Frames Can You Use For Metal Prints?

Most print labs will offer framing as part of their service.

This is usually a floating frame in a choice of colours.

This is a great option as it’s a lovely clean look.

Black, white & brown or wood texture are the most common options.

But because metal prints can be mounted in any picture frame, you can let your imagination run wild.

Either order a custom made frame, or it may be a bit trickier finding the right size, but charity shops & garage sales can be a great way to find something unique.

If your print is a more standard size, like 10” x 8” for example, your chances of finding one you like are greatly improved.

4 Tips For How To Pick The Best Frame

This is more of a personal style choice, which frame will look right & enhance your print.

There’s a number of things to consider:

1. Make sure the frame colour works with the colours in the image or photograph.

It can look quite brash or simply wrong when the frame colour detracts or draws attention away from the actual print.

2. Similar to the 1st suggestion, you want the frame to match with your décor.

The frame & print may work well together, but doesn’t work with the wall colour.

In this case, a more neutral frame colour may be needed.

3. Matching the subject of the image.

A shabby chic or coastal style wood frame may not look good surrounding a modern city scene for example.

Another example would be an ornate frame against a coastal or beach scene.

4. Location.

Where will the print be hung? A rustic, untreated wood frame could become damaged over time in a high humidity area like a bathroom for example.

A plastic or aluminium frame may be more practical.


Here are some articles that may be helpful when choosing frames:


How To Hang A Framed Metal Print

Framed metal prints are hung in the same way as any other framed artwork may be.

When ordering unframed, smaller prints will usually have a hanging block mounted to the back.

Larger prints can have a sub-frame, which is a frame on the back that sits within the edges of the print.

These methods of hanging should be fine even when the print is put into a frame.

If you’re ordering a framed print, the suitable hanging hardware is usually supplied.


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What’s Best.. Ordering A Metal Print Framed Or Unframed?

If you’re absolutely sure that the frame you’ve chosen meets all the criteria, then it’s simpler to order it with the frame.

But if you’re unsure, a print without a frame can still be displayed.

This way you get to sit with it for a while.

See if & what suits your décor & have time to ponder the right frame to suit the image.

If you’re going to find a frame yourself, then just like any other photograph, you can swap out the frame.

This is great if you’re a renter & or you love changing your décor from time to time.

You’ve heard the saying “a change is as good as a holiday”.

Final Thoughts

A quality metal photo print is worth the extra cost for not only the longevity & durability, but the outstanding image detail & colour saturation.

If you'd like to learn more about this print medium, please check out my comprehensive guide.

And as we’ve discovered, framing is a simple option & you don’t have to be stuck with the same frame.

Even if you’ve purchased a framed print, you can still change the frame in years to come as metal prints are shown to last 40 years plus.

I hope you’ve found value in this article & remember .. sharing is caring.


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