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Photography Is A Great Idea For A Wedding Gift

photographic wedding gift ideas

Never Be Stuck For A Wedding Present Again!

Weddings are definitely a stressful time for the bride & groom, but even for the guests, choosing a relevant & meaningful gift can be a challenge.

Because you’re buying for 2 people, not just one, it needs to be a present they both can appreciate.

So photographs & photographic related gifts may be the perfect solution.

Stuck for a wedding gift idea? Photography offers many options for finding the perfect present for that special day.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Photo Wedding Gift

1. Get In Early

If you’re helping the bride or groom to organize the big day & you feel like really splashing out on them, then why not book & pay for the photographer?

This will alleviate one less thing they need to plan & although it may not be a gift to open on the actual day, they’ll be incredibly thankful.

As well as relieving some of the mental stress, it will also soothe any financial concerns.

2. Not Gender Specific

The most common wedding presents seem to be kitchen appliances, bath sets & other homewares.

Although these are wonderful & much needed items for the new couple, photograph related gifts aren’t gender specific.

Photos can be wonderful “Him & Her” gifts that they’ll both enjoy.

3. Stylish

Photography can be a very stylish present.

There’s some wonderful fine art images that look stunning & are a magnificent addition to anyone’s décor.

Frames are also available in many styles & colours, so if you know what their tastes are, a few tastefully selected framed prints can be just what they need to help decorate their new home together.

4. Meaningful

Photographs are able to portray emotions, feelings & mood.

When you offer someone a gift, it’s fantastic if it’s practical & something that they’ll use.

But when there’s a certain significance behind it, it makes the gift extra special.

You may have photos of them together when they 1st met, or other times they’ve shared together that hold fond memories.

It doesn’t have to be photos of the couple either.

There may be a place that is special to them & a beautifully framed landscape of that area may tug at their heartstrings.


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5. Unique

There's nothing more awkward than bringing the same present as another guest.

The great thing with photo gifts is that no two are the same.

As well as the photograph being unique, frames styles are different & print mediums range from photo prints, canvas prints to wood block prints to mention a few.


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6. Simple

It’s often the simple things in life that give us the most joy.

Photo gifts would have to be one of the easiest presents to shop for.

All you need to do is upload your photo to the print service of your choice, choose size & type of print, frame style & any other details & sit back & wait for it to be delivered to your door.

Even buying an original print, many photographers (including myself) offer various print, size & frame options as well as shipping.

Some companies that offer photo gifts will also gift wrap your present too.

7. A Forever Gift

A quality photographic print can last decades, & some print mediums are archival & will last 100 years plus.

Let’s hope the marriage lasts that long!

This is the sort of gift that not only will the married couple enjoy in their own lifetime, it’s something they can pass on to their children.

8. Investment In The Future

As well as lasting a lifetime, a photographic print can be an investment for the future.

Like any other art, limited edition prints by well known photographers can increase in value over time.

So even if the couple are being polite & telling you they simply adore the photograph when it’s not their style at all, they’ll still thank you for it when they sell it in a few years.

9. If You Can’t Make The Wedding

Sometimes due to geographical challenges, it may not be possible to attend the wedding in person.

Unlike appliances & other items, photographic gifts are relatively easy to post.

Larger framed prints are going to have higher shipping costs, but rolled prints simply fit into a protective tube.

As mentioned, print services will gift wrap & post to the address of your choice.

10. Price Range

Photographic gifts are wonderful in that they accommodate for any budget.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the less you spend the less quality or significant a present.

A photo gift can be a very affordable yet beautiful canvas print or a sentimental photo book.

Custom framed photographs can be more expensive, yet still a fairly modest cost depending on the size.

Metal & acrylic prints are very popular these days & quality made prints are still reasonably affordable.

Fine art & limited editions prints are more of a hit to the hip pocket as some can be in the 100’s of dollars & fine art limited edition prints can run into the thousands of dollars.

Final Thoughts

Photography is an art form, but it’s also a fabulous way for us to capture memories & special moments.

With most of us now having phones in our pockets that are capable of capturing decent quality images, it opens up a world of opportunity.

Photo gifts can be an artistic & creative print made by a professional photographer, or a wonderfully sentimental & meaningful present captured on your phone.

There’s also many ways a photograph can be printed & presented, making photo gifts an ideal way to uniquely express your appreciation for the recipient.

I hope this article was helpful & feel free to share.


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