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Why Photography Makes A Wonderful Gift

photographic gift

Plus A Bunch Of Picture Gift Ideas

Photography has been around since the early 1800’s & has certainly has come a long way since then.

You don’t have to have an expensive camera in order to take decent shots, & nowadays there are more photographs captured on people’s mobile phones than dedicated cameras.

But I don’t feel this has diminished the importance or aesthetics of this artform, it’s just more accessible than ever before.

Because of this, photography has also become a wonderful gifting opportunity.

Stuck for a gift idea? Photography offers many options for finding that perfect present for any occasion.

6 Reasons Why Photography Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Photography can represent many things, from expressing emotion & mood, bringing the beauty of nature into your home through landscapes, to capturing real time events as in journalistic images.

You can either use your own photo or purchase a wonderful image through a professional photographer. (That’s not to say a picture taken on your phone can’t be wonderful!)

So why does this make pictures such a good gift? There’s many reasons why photographs make excellent presents, so let’s run through them ..

1. Fond Memories

As with any gift, it’s the thought that counts.

Photographs are unique in that they capture a moment in time.

So what better way to show the recipient how much they mean to you by a photo of time spent with each other.

It doesn’t need to be an expensive photo shoot either, you can use a photo of a time you holidayed together, went to the zoo or any other adventure you shared.

2. Unique

The beauty of a photograph is it’s uniqueness.

No embarrassment if somebody else at the party shows up with a similar present.

Even if it’s a photo gift, the image & presentation will be different.


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3. Simple

Don’t you hate it when you’re shopping for a gift & you’re traipsing around the shops & not sure if the giftee will like the colour, will it fit?

With photo gifts, all you need do is drop in the image file, or better yet upload it online to the printer & wait for it to be delivered to your door .. nothing could be more convenient.

4. No Age Limit

Photo gifts aren’t age specific.

Even a young child would enjoy a picture of themselves taken at a petting zoo with the animals, perhaps with Santa or Mickey Mouse.

With so many colourful frames to choose from it can be a fun present.

Landscape images make great presents for the grown ups as well as fine art photographs, & with a tasteful frame in can also make a wonderful décor gift.

5. Can Last A Lifetime

With a good quality print, it’s a gift that can last a lifetime.

Especially if the photo has significant meaning to the recipient, it’s a gift that will keep a memory alive for many years.

6. Price Range

Photo prints come in a variety of print mediums, this also means a price to suit any budget.

Canvas prints are super popular, look fabulous & are super affordable.

Metal & acrylic prints are simply jaw dropping, but they can sometimes be more expensive.

Limited edition fine art prints can cost hundreds & from a world renowned photographer the price can get into the thousands of dollars.

But framed photo prints of all sizes are very affordable through your high street print lab.

10 Wonderful Photographic Gift Ideas

There’s as many ways to present photographs as there are materials to print them on.

This is wonderful as you can gift the photograph in a style that the recipient will truly appreciate.

1. Framed Photograph

You really can’t go wrong when offering a framed photo as a gift.

There’s a huge range of frame styles as well as colours.

You can gift them with a single large framed photo or a number of smaller ones.

If you’re gifting a number of pictures, they could all follow a theme, such as pictures taken from the same holiday.


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2. Canvas Prints

A budget to suit anyone’s pocket, canvas prints come in a wide range of sizes.

They look great as a wrap, but floater frames are very popular & offer a contemporary look.

Multi-panel prints are also available in 2,3,4,5 or 7 panels & some companies even offer more panels in unusual layouts such as hexagonal, as well as each panel being different sizes.

3. Acrylic Prints

If you have a decent resolution image, a quality acrylic print offers amazing depth & vibrancy & something a little bit different.

Acrylic can come in different thicknesses from a few millimetres to ½ inch or more.

These prints have to be seen to be appreciated.

4. Acrylic Blocks

Photos can also be printed or mounted to acrylic blocks.

These are great because they’re smaller & you can get a few images printed.

They also don’t require hanging & can stand on shelves, mantles or anywhere in the home.

5. Metal Prints

There are cheap metal prints, but to be honest they’re cheap for a reason.

If you’re going to try this medium, buy one through a reputable print lab or art shop.

They really are stunning & offer an almost 3D effect.

6. Wood Block Prints

Ideal for gifting, there’s a couple of ways these can be produced & they definitely offer something unique.

7. Photo Album

There’s companies that make some lovely handcrafted photo albums.

Simply slip in some favourite photos that you think the recipient would love & you have a wonderful present.

8. Photo Books

These have become quite popular & there’s many print services offering a great variety of designs.

9. Photo Boxes

These are a fabulous way to offer a photographic gift.

Have a look on Etsy for some inspiration, but there’s other places offering them too.

10. Digital Frames

Nothing could be simpler.

Simply upload the images you’d like to these digital frames & you’re good to go.

5 Ways Gift Vouchers Needn't Be A Last Minute Option

I must admit, I feel gift vouchers can be a lazy present.

But I’m thinking of those run of the mill gift cards you see in supermarket aisles.

But crank it up a notch & they can be really inspiring presents.

There’s gift vouchers available for hot air balloon rides, Harley Davidson rides, wine tours & so many other amazing day trips & adventures.

There’s many occasions when a photographic gift voucher could be the perfect present.

1. Weddings

If the recipient is planning to marry & they haven’t booked a photographer yet, here’s a great opportunity to save them some of the financial as well as organisational headaches.


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2. Portraiture

A perfect gift for a friend who has a young family.

People love to have professional photographs of not only their children, but the entire family.

3. Pets

I think some people love their pets more than their family sometimes!

But seriously, this is a very popular form of photography.

A marvellous present for your animal loving friends.

4. Real Estate

Maybe you have a friend who is putting their home on the market & similar to weddings, selling a home can be a logistical & financial challenge.

There are real estate photographers who offer gift cards & your friend will be more than grateful for one less expense.

5. House Warming

Instead of the usual electrical appliances & home furnishings, a gift card from a photographic art store could be the perfect present.

This way, the giftee gets to browse through the artworks available & choose something they really like.

And if you have a friend or loved one who is a keen photographer, a gift card from a photography store is the excuse they were looking for to purchase the latest gadget.

There are also gift vouchers available for photographic courses & workshops.

17 Photo Gift Ideas For Something Fun & Unique

A framed photographic print is a very elegant & stylish gift.

But photographs can also be a fun & quirky way to show your appreciation.

Check out these unusual & fun ways to print a photograph.

1. Jigsaws

Jigsaw Puzzles are great for adults & children alike.

Personalised jigsaw puzzles are definitely an unexpected but welcome gift for any occasion.

2. Calendar

Either using your own photographs or pre-printed, you really can't go wrong with a calendar for a present.

3. Magnets

Photo Magnets, what better way than to decorate the fridge!

Functional too, as magnets can hold shopping lists, business cards & other notes you want to keep handy.

4. Keychains

Custom Keychains are fantastic for proud parents & grandparents alike with photos of the children.

But of course, any photos can be used.

5. Candles

Yup! You can even put a photo on a candle.

I can imagine these being good wedding gifts.

6. Wine Labels

Another great wedding gift idea or even for anniversaries.

7. Plates

Another good one for the children.

It might even get them to eat their veggies!

8. Playing Cards

This could be fun for the whole family with your own unique images printed on playing cards.

Wonder if it will make it harder to cheat?

9. Tee Shirts

Another fun gift, especially if it’s for your partner, as you can have matching or complimentary shirts.

10. Caps

Just as with tee shirts, a good couples gift.

11. Bags

Tote bags are a very popular item to print to & a practical gift to boot.

12. Mugs

You can get a set printed to a theme or for each family member, or simply one mug with a photo the giftee will appreciate.

13. Coasters

Have some custom drink coasters printed to match the coffee mugs!

14. Wall Clocks

Clocks are a great idea.

Wall clocks make good gifts anyway, so a personalised one will be extra special.

15. Postcards

If the gift is for someone you’ve shared travel adventures with, personalised postcards are a fantastic gift idea.

Especially if you’ve visited various countries or locations, as you can print a few for each place.

16. Notebook

Personalised notebook covers could be a good one for school age children.

17. Phone Case

Instead of the usual array of skins available, create a unique gift with your own image printed to a phone or laptop skin.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right gift for someone can be a real challenge sometimes.

But because there are so many options for printing photographs, it opens up a world of ideas.

From a more sophisticated present like a fine art print, to practical home décor with canvas, metal or acrylic prints, to unique, fun & even silly gift ideas.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful & that it’s given you some inspiration.

Feel free to share this article as it’s always appreciated.


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