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The Art Of Gifting Photography

photographic gift

How To Find That Perfect Photo Gift For Any Occasion

Buying presents for people is often a tricky affair.

That’s probably how you’ve found your way to this article, you’ve been endlessly searching the Internet for ideas.

You’re looking for something appropriate but also special, not just the typical bottle of red wine or pair of socks.

A gift needs to suit the occasion too, you wouldn’t bring a bottle of Scotch to a baby shower for example.

And we all know that certain somebody who is impossible to buy for.

That’s why photography is such a wonderful gift idea. It’s a unique gift that offers something personal, covers all age groups, has a price range to suit any budget & is something that will last a lifetime.

10 Points To Consider When Choosing A Photographic Gift

You really can’t put a foot wrong buying someone a photograph for a gift, so here’s some tips on how to choose that perfect present.

1. What’s Your Budget?

Whoever the gift is for, it’s easier if you know what you want to spend 1st, rather than finding photos or prints you like to realise you can’t afford them.

If you’re searching online, it can also save time to enter the price range for more relevant results.

For that special someone, you may want to go over budget, so some art stores do have payment plans that allow you to stretch out the cost.

But photographic gifts are available at many price points.

A simple framed photo print can cost as little as $10 to $15, whereas limited edition & fine art prints can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Canvas prints can start from around $20 to large sizes being anywhere from $50 to over $100.

Metal & acrylic photo prints, while offering jaw dropping quality, do come in at a higher price point usually around $100 to $200.

There’s companies offering cheap prints, but I always say “you get what you pay for.”

2. Keeping It Appropriate

This can be easier if you already know the recipient quite well.

But I’ve been to a few birthday parties where I didn’t know the host, I went with a friend who did, but I felt obliged to bring something.

So a photo gift can still be a great idea, you just want to keep the subject matter neutral.

Maybe nude portraiture is your thing, but it’s not going to go down too well at grandma’s 94th birthday party.

Even some nice picture frames are an appropriate present, then the giftee can place their own photographs in them.

3. What’s Their Style?

Of course, if the recipient’s a good friend or loved one, then it’s a lot easier to know what they like & don’t like.

Not only does this relate to what subject matter they'll appreciate, but will it look good in their home.

After all, photographs are for displaying & as amazing a picture as it may be, will it work with their décor?

Black & white photography has the advantage of fitting in with most décor & colour schemes, especially when mounted with a simple black or white frame.

4. Keeping It Personal

Knowing what decorating style they like is important, but so is understanding the recipients interests & hobbies.

Choosing a subject matter that is close to their hearts is a wonderful way to offer a really personal gift.

If they have fond memories of a place they used to live, a landscape photograph from that area may just be the thing.

Perhaps they’ve always longed to visit a country & images from that region will be a beautiful reminder that they’ll get there one day.

If the giftee is a really close friend or family member, then beautifully framed photos from holidays & travel adventures you’ve shared is another wonderful way to give a personalised present.

5. Sizing It Up

An extra large canvas photo print may look stunning in the store, but if the recipient lives in a small 1 bedroom apartment .. are they going to be able to hang it anywhere?

A number of smaller framed photos can be just as unique as 1 individual print, especially when all the images follow a theme.

As mentioned in the last chapter, these could be pictures of your holiday adventures.

6. Framed vs Unframed Photographs

If you’re unsure whether a frame will suit the giftee’s space or décor, why not try an unframed print?

Canvas wraps are a good candidate as they look really nice without frames.

They can always be framed at a later date if the recipient prefers. (That can be next year's present!)

Metal & acrylic prints are designed to be frameless & they are an excellent choice for that modern & contemporary look.

Even fine art prints can simply be matted & mounted without the need for a frame or glass.

7. Get Crafty With Some DIY

If you're a creative type, it can be a wonderfully personal touch to gift someone with a handmade present.

You could make the frame yourself & mount the photograph too.

Are you into photography? Amateur or professional, is it weird to give someone one of your own photographs?

I think it could be, but my landlady remarked how she liked one of my images once & I ended up giving it to her as a canvas print for Christmas.. she was delighted!

But I can imagine in some circumstances it may come across a tad pretentious.

8. Going The Distance

Photographs are perfect for a long distance gift.

If you’re getting it printed & framed through an online service, they’ll ship the product to any address & most print companies ship worldwide.

There’s also companies that offer personalised gift wrapping, it couldn’t be more convenient.

If you’ve bought a fine art print, these can be rolled & placed in a protective tube for shipping & because prints are relatively light, the postage costs are kept down too.

9. Don’t Leave It Until The Last Minute

Although photography has to be one the most convenient gifts to organise, it’s still best not leave it until the last minute.

Some printers do same day printing, but if you’re having the final product delivered then you’ll need to allow a day or 2.

Most companies include framing as part of their services, but you’ll need to think ahead if you’re having a custom frame made.

10. Be Original & Support Independent Artists

If you’re not using your own photos, purchasing your image from an independent photographer is another fabulous way to have a truly unique gift.

I also feel it’s important in these times when mass produced products & corporations have become a monopoly at the cost of not just artists, but small business in general.

Creativity & art is an important aspect of our lives & if we don’t feed it, it will eventually starve.

Plus by purchasing a unique work from an individual artist, you’re not only giving to the person receiving the gift, you’re also giving back to the artist .. win win!

Final Thoughts

Photography is a wonderful medium for capturing our fondest memories, as well as the world around us.

A photograph can convey an emotion, share the beauty of the natural world, or simply capture those embarrassing moments we’d rather forget!

But what a fantastic gift a photograph can be.

I hope you found value in this article & feel free to share it around.


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