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What Type Of Artwork Is Best For A Home Office?

framed art on home office wall

9 Tips To Help You Find Artwork That Creates A Happy & Productive Workspace

It seems these days more people are either having to work from home, or choosing to leave the office commute behind.

Working from home has many advantages, it allows you to work your own hours, meaning errands can be run at a time that's more convenient.

But often a home office may not be for business as such, it can simply be a space to sort out household bills & other paperwork, as well simply enjoying a non-profitable pursuit.

Either way, having nice art adorning the walls goes a long way to creating a conducive work environment & there's been plenty of studies done over the years showing the benefits of art in the work space & how it significantly improves productivity.

So what type of art is best for a home office? Studies show the most popular art is landscape photographs & paintings, followed by abstract paintings, then textiles & sculptures.

Having an office environment you're happy with can also reduce stress & boost your productivity by 32% & there's certainly no shortage of genres & styles of art to choose from either, as well as price points to suit any budget.

What Art Should You Choose For A Home Office?

If these studies are an indication, then some lovely landscapes may be the perfect fit.


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There's no doubt art has an influence on our mood, psychology & well-being.

Well chosen art in the office can not only create an aesthetically pleasing space, but one that is good for our health & productivity.

Although research is important & reveals which styles & types of art can illicit a certain response, it's also important to find what works for you.


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So let's explore these 9 determining factors as to which type of art will be best suited for your home office.

1. Art At An Affordable Price

Budget for buying art

I've placed this point first, as you may find a beautiful artwork that will be perfect for your office space, but is way beyond what you're able to afford.

So before heading out searching for art, have an idea of how many art pieces you may need & the budget you have available.

Is it best to spend the entire budget on a single amazing artwork, or spread the cost & have a number of pieces to decorate your office space?

Which leads us to our next point ..

2. How Many Artworks Will Suit Your Office Space?

narrow office with art on walls

The size of your office will be a determining factor in how big & how many art pieces will look & feel appropriate.

Does this mean a smaller office won't accommodate a large artwork?

Not necessarily, a large artwork in a lighter colour & on the appropriate wall, can actually help to open up the space & create the illusion of the space being larger.

Just as in a larger office, too many artworks can make the space appear cluttered & even seem oppressive.

So, to our next point ..

3. The Right Size Of Artwork To Compliment Your Office Space

large artwork in white office

As mentioned, a smaller space can actually benefit from a large artwork on the right walls.

Too many large artworks though, even in a larger room, may start to feel closed in.

Sometimes, one single large artwork can create a fantastic focal point & feature.

But whether your office is a tiny nook or a large room, too many small artworks can start to look cluttered & incohesive.

colourful framed art on office wall

Although, arranging them in an organised way, such as creating a gallery wall, can look fabulous.

So finding the best fit for the available wall space will create a nice balanced look.

4. How The Colour Of Art Affects An Office Space

bright green abstract art in office

As well as size, colour can create the illusion of more or less space too.

It may seem obvious, but lighter, or cooler colours will make a room appear more spacious & airy, whilst darker or warmer colours can have the opposite affect.

But even a small space can benefit from some art with warm colours, especially f it's predominantly white.

Colour also affects our psychology & choosing certain colour schemes will affect our mood.

I won't go into detail here, as I've already written an in depth article on room colour that you can check out here.

But if you just want a quick overview, here are some popular colours & their affects on our mood:

  • Red - a very energetic colour that often represents danger. But for a home office, it can be a good colour choice for keeping you alert & energised.

  • Blue - although paler shades can invoke relaxation, blue is also a colour that helps to keep you focused. It also creates confidence, that's why many corporate logos are blue.

  • Green - the colour of nature, green is a calming colour that also promotes growth, security & prosperity.

  • Yellow - associated with sunshine, yellow is a very happy colour. It's an uplifting colour that's great for keeping your spirits up when slogging through your tax returns!

  • Orange - a mix of red & yellow, it shares some of the same qualities. Although energetic, more earthy tones will add warmth.

  • Brown - another colour found in nature, brown can bring a sense of calm. It's also a colour that elicits a sense of security, reliability & even hints at conventionality.

  • Grey - often viewed as a formal colour. Strength & solidity can be promoted with darker shades, whilst lighter grey can be quite calming & neutral.

  • Black - a colour that characterises authority & power, but black artworks can also bring a touch of style & sophistication.

  • White - predominantly white artwork will create a fresh & airy feel. A good choice for offices with darker walls that require a feeling of more space.

5. Choosing The Appropriate Subject Matter

framed photograph on office wall

If you're going to be spending the better part of your day in your home office, you'll want artwork that's pleasing & you can relate to.

I feel the subject matter of the art can be a purely personal thing, from having landscape images to more abstract, family photos to even framing & presenting your children's drawings.

But if you're inviting clients to your home office, or running presentations, then artwork that reflects your brand or industry may be more appropriate.


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For instance, if you're in the health or well-being industry, then lovely beach scenes & landscapes could work really well to promote a sense of calm & relaxation.

Whereas if you're into real estate, or even an architect, modern & contemporary photography of iconic homes & buildings will compliment your industry really well.

6. Genre & Style

vintage styled home office

As with subject matter & providing it works with the overall office décor, choose a style or genre of art that you enjoy.

If your office has all the latest Ikea furniture, a grand ornately framed Victorian portraiture will probably look out of place.

Modern abstract generally suits most contemporary décor, as too most styles of photography.

Again, similar to subject matter, the style & genre of art will need to work with the type of industry you're in & the business values you wish to express.

7. Framed Or Unframed?

framed art above office desk

As with subject & genre, providing the style of frame compliments your office décor as well industry, it's entirely up to your own taste.

The style of frame used for an artwork can totally change it's dynamic & presentation.

Family photos printed to canvas can look super modern & contemporary by using a floating frame.

framed b & w photos in modern office

Just as some modern photography can be juxtaposed by incorporating a vintage, rustic or industrial style frame.

Also, frames are a great way to introduce a touch of colour if you'd prefer more subdued artwork or even monochromatic images.


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8. Branding Your Business With Artwork

office branding sign

Although we've already touched on this, your home office may need to look professional for entertaining clientele.

In this instance, it's not only important to find art that represents your industry, but using your business colours too.

This can be done by using the many print on demand sites or your local printer.

You can use royalty free & commercially licenced images & adjust the colours to suit.

Frames can also be incorporated to introduce your business colours too.

If you'd like to explore branding your home office further, check out this article.

9. Practicality - Which Print Medium?

abstract art in modern home office

There's a great choice of print mediums nowadays & they all have their unique characteristics & qualities.

Depending on the environment where the art will be hung, you may wish to explore these mediums to find the most suitable.

Canvas Prints

Framed or unframed, are affordable, accessible & very contemporary.

Available in many sizes, a canvas print will suit most office décor & can be used for family snapshots, photographic images & reproductions of paintings.

For most home office environments, a canvas print will last decades.

Like any artwork, sunlight is the main cause of fading & degradation.

Rather than go into detail here, you can learn more about canvas prints with these articles.

Original Canvas Paintings

These can vary in price & size depending on the artist.

Obviously with an original painting, especially if it's fairly pricey, you'll want to keep it in good condition.

So a wall that receives direct sunlight wouldn't be the best spot to hang it.

Also, if you have plans of sitting around smoking cigars every time you land a deal, your prized painting is going to accumulate nicotine stains .. not ideal.

But paintings on canvas will add a touch of class & sophistication to your home office.

Photographic Prints

Photographs are generally framed, although they can be simply matted & look great.

Photographs are still susceptible to UV light, but when framed, generally UV resistant glass or acrylic is used.

These days, UV resistant inks are used for not only photographic prints, but most mediums.

From a style perspective, framed photography is very versatile, & depending on the subject matter & frame used, you can display an image to suit most office décor.

Metal Prints

Sometimes known as aluminium prints, They are a wonderfully modern print medium.

Not only is the image quality stunning, they can be displayed in a number of ways.

Generally they are hung without frames & sit off the wall slightly.

But they can be framed too & look fantastic.

Stand-off bolts are another method for displaying these prints & is perfect for a more corporate feel.

They're also extremely durable & long lasting.

You can explore this print medium in more depth here.

Acrylic Prints

These have a similar appeal to metal prints.

They have stunning image quality & because they don't require framing, they look super modern.

They're also extremely durable & long lasting & stand-off bolts can also be used for displaying these prints on your wall.

You can learn all about this amazing medium here.

Wood Block Prints

Maybe not suitable for every office décor, but as the name suggests, these are photographs printed to wood.

There's a few ways this is achieved, each producing a different final look.

They can be printed to quite thick wood too, making them a unique style of wall art.


To learn more about all prints mediums, check out this article:


If you're looking for suitable art for your home office, check out Canvas Cultures. Not only do they sell motivational, office & landscape prints, they support the artists too, which is what I like.

What Else Constitutes Home Office Art?

home office decorated with art

Thinking about art usually conjures up images of paintings, framed photographs & canvas prints.

But art can be created from many mediums & materials & take on a variety of forms.

So how about introducing other types of art into your home office?


Usually found in large corporate buildings, but there's no reason why you can't find one to fit your office.

Even smaller statuettes can be displayed on your desk or shelves.

If you're into health & well-being, Buddha statues may be just the thing.


A fabulous way to bring some warmth & texture into the office space.

Probably not suitable for a modern or corporate appeal, but if it's just yourself tapping away on the computer, then a well chosen tapestry will bring a touch of casualness to the space.

Plants & Flower Arrangements

Bringing greenery into the office has many benefits.

Working in an artificial environment can be draining & plants bring Mother Nature indoors.

Plants help to filter the air, & as well as being visually appealing, have many psychological benefits.


Are mirrors art?

Have you seen some of the amazing designs out there?

Mirrors can really help to brighten a darker office space by bouncing light around, much better for your eyes.

A strategically placed mirror can also create a sense of more space.


An office wouldn't be complete without a clock.

Like mirrors, clocks come in a huge array of designs & styles.

But by now, your home office is looking so amazing, you don't care when it's knock off time!

Decorative Panels & Mesh

These can look great as well as being practical.

Decorative panels can simply add some interest to a blank wall, but mesh is a fabulous way to store your office supplies in a creative way.

Chalk & White Boards

home office painted chalkboard

Another practical office item, but they don't have to be boring.

If you're the artistic type, express yourself with coloured chalks.

Even a white board is a blank canvas for artistic expression with a bunch of coloured markers in hand!

Wall Coverings

wallpaper in home office

Can you include wallpaper as art?

I think so, as there's a phenomenal array of designs to create some interest in your office.

There's wall murals too, which can bring a real sense of depth to an office space.

Especially with a large room, creating a feature wall with wall coverings is a wonderful way to define space within your office.


A simple yet effective way to bring some interest or colour to your office walls.

Available in many designs, they can actually be quite stylish.

Great for branding too, as you can have them made in your companies logo or design.


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Final Thoughts

Whichever room it may be in the home, artwork in my mind is a necessity.

The home office is no different.

Art can serve a practical purpose for branding & creating an impression on clients, but artwork is also aesthetically pleasing & has psychological benefits.

So what's the best art for a home office?

Well .. I always say if you like it & it brings enjoyment, then it's the right art for you.

I hope you enjoyed this article & found value in it.

Please feel free to share as it's always appreciated.


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