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Whether you're looking for a digital download to print at home or a high quality physical print to brighten up your space, feel free to browse my collection of printables & original artworks.

I hope you find something you'll love!

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Triptych Printables - An Affordable Way To Beautify Your Walls

stylish triptych art above bed

Elevate Your Wall Décor With 3 Panel Downloadable Wall Art

If you haven't come across triptych art before, it's simply wall art that is printed across 3 panels.

A triptych can consist of a singular photo, painting or any other image divided into 3 separate panels.

Alternatively, 3 panels that carry a common theme or visual look are also called triptychs.


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They really are a fabulous way to add a unique & interesting dynamic to your wall décor.

Downloadable triptych art is not only affordable, but is an easy & convenient way to style your wall décor.

Maybe you've never discovered printable wall art before either.

Printables, or downloadable wall art, is as the name implies, a digital download that you can print yourself or use the services of a photo or printing lab.

Are Triptychs Different To Download Than Single Prints?

Most online stores sell printables either in a PDF, jpeg, PNG files, or a combination of these options.

The PDF simply contains the jpeg or PNG file & allows for quick & easy printing from your home laser or inkjet printer.

PNG stands for "portable network graphic" & is ideal for printable art that is either a graphic or vector as well as quotation text based style art.

Jpeg files are the best option for images & photographs, especially when being printed professionally or on an inkjet printer.

Without going into a boring explanation of the technical differences of these file types, a triptych downloadable will be offered with the appropriate file formats.

The only difference to downloading a single printable as to a triptych, is you'll receive 3 separate images.


You Can Explore These File Types In More Detail:


Are Triptychs Difficult To Print?

Because the original image has already been divided across 3 sections, there's nothing you need to do except print 3 individual panels.

Any aspect ratios or sizes have already been worked out, as well as how the image will line up across the 3 sections.

Simply choose the 3 images & hit the print button.

Basically, you're just printing 3 individual prints that you can then either mount or frame if you wish & hang on your walls.

Having Them Printed Professionally

If you're having them professionally printed, all you need to do is upload, or take the files in to your preferred print service & they'll take it from there.

Sometimes triptychs can consist of 3 panels of different sizes or aspect ratios, but again, this has already been worked out for you.

geometric style triptych prints above furniture cabinet

As long as you choose the appropriate paper size to accommodate the specific panel & keep the printing ratio, or percentage consistent, the printed panels will all line up as designed.

Your print service will have no issues, as they'll simply print each panel to the corresponding size.

The Advantages Of Downloadable Triptych Art

As well as triptych art looking fabulous on your walls, there's many benefits to printable wall art.

1. Super Affordable

Although I support independent artists & business, original triptych art is not always within everyone's budget.

Original work & actual physical triptych prints can cost anywhere from around $100 to over a $1,000.

Although the price of these prints is totally worth it, as you're getting a stunning & unique creation that often is framed, painted or printed to a large size.

But for the cost of a cup of coffee or 2, downloadable triptych art is a super affordable way to adorn your walls with fabulous 3 panel prints.

If you are looking for original triptych art, I'm happy to recommend Artexplore as they support independent artist.

original triptych art for sale

2. Convenient

We all love convenience, & printable wall art definitely offers a quick & hassle free way to purchase your triptych prints.

You're able to browse the many printables from the comfort of your own home & once purchased, it's an instant download.

If you're printing the triptych art yourself, you can literally have it on your walls within an hour.

3. Control Over The Final Look

Another benefit of downloadable triptych art is you have more control over the finished print.

Buying physical triptych prints can sometimes limit you as to what print material is used & the style & texture of paper as well as the final size.

Although, some wall art stores do offer the same triptych image printed to a choice of finishes, having the actual image file means you can shop around for a print service that has the exact material or paper type you'd like, instead of just what they're offering.

This can include paper types such as matte or gloss, but also materials like acrylic or metal prints.

If you're printing it yourself, you can choose from various paper & card stock with a range of different finishes.

All in all, printable wall art allows for a lot of choice when it come to final print style & size.

4. Lasts A Lifetime

Printing technology, materials & inks are now capable of producing UV & fade resistant wall art that can literally last decades.

But accidents can happen ... you spill something on your canvas art, or drop your acrylic print.

I always recommend storing your digital downloads on at least 2 separate hard drives & to the cloud if possible.

saving a wall art download to a hard drive computer

Hard drives can become corrupted & we can all accidently hit "delete".

If your physical print gets damaged, it's an easy task to print another one.

Maybe you've changed your décor style & the modern look of a metal print doesn't suit the coastal look you've created.

Simply print out the artwork to canvas or any other material you'd like.

5. Still Supporting Independents

You can still support original artists & independent business's through buying digital downloads.

Most digital wall art is created & sold by people like myself & other creatives that sell through platforms like Etsy.


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Actually, I feel going digital has allowed more artists & creatives to get their art shown to a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

Many years ago, I was reluctant to go down the digital path of photography.

Once I did, I loved it!

Using digital applications to process my images, instead of in a darkroom using the chemical process, has actually allowed for more creative expression & choice.

I feel this is the same with wall art, the digital process has made creating triptych prints a lot simpler & fun.

Admittedly, I've seen a lot of AI created artwork & it leaves a lot to be desired.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Like all technology, it's a tool, not an end in & of itself.

But triptych printables are a fantastic way to have affordable, unique & creative artwork up on your walls.

I hope you've found value in this article & please check out some of my triptych downloadables in the print shop, or grab yourself some freebies!


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