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Can You Mix & Match Triptych Picture Frames?

vertical triptych art with brown frames in white & brown kitchen

Exploring Colour & Frame Style Choices For 3 Piece Wall Art

What makes a triptych a triptych & not just 3 pieces of art is that the 3 panels consist of an image, or elements, that relate to each other.

This can be one image split over the 3 panels, or individual images that have a unifying theme.

So it would seem to make sense that the framing should also be consistent, right?

In most cases, a triptych will benefit from the same frame style & colour for all 3 panels. But when using 3 individual images, it's possible to use different frames & matting to create interesting & unique wall décor.

Some triptych art styles suit being unframed, but framing can be a wonderful option too.

If you're unsure whether to frame your 3 panel wall art, maybe you'd like to read: Framing Triptych Prints, You Can But Should You?

Should You Use Different Coloured Frames For Single Image Triptychs?

The most common answer would be no, but I feel it's a yes & no .. it will depend on the style of art being framed.

Triptych art needs to look unified & the uniform framing of a single image spread over 3 panels is what helps to marry the entire artwork together.

landscape triptych photograph in 3 different coloured frames

As the image above demonstrates, different coloured frames just create a haphazard look without any coherency.

Although each of the frame colours match the room's décor & looks good against the wall colour, they don't harmonize with the triptych image.

landscape triptych photograph in white frames against dark wall

In the image above, the white frames look great against the darker blue wall & also creates coherency with the 3 panel wall art.

But triptych panels can consist of different sizes & orientation.

Any style art can be used to create a triptych, not just photographs.


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colurful abstract triptych art in 3 different frame colours

I feel that the abstract & geometric style of art in the image above looks fabulous with 3 different frame colours.

Although it's still a single image, the colour of the frames reflect the colours in the artwork & make it pop against the white wall.

In this example, different frame colours actually enhance the art, it looks even more funky whilst retaining coherency.

Are you looking for original abstract art? I'm happy to be affiliated with Artexplore as they support independent artists.

original triptych art for sale

Uniform Framing For 3 Individual Images

Triptych's can be created from 3 separate images that follow a theme or posses a similar style.

A framed print can also be matted & this can be a fabulous look for triptychs made from 3 unique images.

The frames can remain the same whilst creatively using different matte colours.

triptych prints with 3 different coloured mattes

Because the matting is obviously within the frames & the frames are the same style & colour, coherency is retained whilst creating colourful & interesting 3 piece wall art.

colourful triptych pop art in thick black frames in minimalist living room

With a minimalist décor, 3 different coloured artworks within the same coloured frames & mattes still adds colour but manages to stay visually restrained.

Check out some FREE downloadable triptych wall art.

free triptych downloadable wall art

Can Frame Styles Be Different?

For this I feel it's a definite no.

It's fun & creative to experiment with various coloured frames & matting, but different frame styles are too disjointing & the essence of the triptych theme is lost.

triptych photograph is 3 different ornate frames in contemporary room

Using different style frames can be fabulous for creating a gallery wall & achieving an eclectic or bohemian style, but it doesn't work for triptych art.

But then I always say, if you like the look of it & you're happy .. then go for it!


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Final Thoughts

Framing can compliment & enhance any artwork & triptychs are no different.

But the frame needs to improve & add to the artwork.

Getting the style or colour wrong can actually detract from what could of been a wonderful piece of wall décor.


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I hope you found value in this article & sharing it around is free & always appreciate


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