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Whether you're looking for a digital download to print at home or a high quality physical print to brighten up your space, feel free to browse my collection of printables & original artworks.

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Triptych Coastal Art - A Wave Of Calm For Your Home

relaxing ocean scene triptych print

This calming ocean scene is available as a download or physical print.

Transform Your Home Into A Seaside Retreat With 3 Panel Prints

Home décor is more important than you may realise.

The colours you choose & the art you decide to display has a psychological effect & can influence our mood & well-being.

There's been many studies showing the benefits of nature themed artworks in the office & home environment.

Who doesn't feel relaxed after a day by the coast?

What better way to add some calming vibes to your walls than with relaxing coastal landscapes.

Coastal scenes are also fantastic for creating triptych art, a scene or view split across 3 panels.

Triptych coastal prints are perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in your home or office environment.

There's also a wonderful choice of triptych coastal wall art available either online or at department & décor stores.

So what's the best way to find the best coastal triptych to create calm in your space?

Which Triptych Coastal Should You Choose?

With all the amazing coastal art to pick from, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just a few pieces.

1. Choose Your Theme

Many different styles & scenes of the coast can be used to create triptych art.

This can range from paintings, photographs, graphics, line drawings & abstracts.

Various coastal landscapes can also be used such as tropical themes, coastal grass & dunes, ocean scenes & even stormy seas.

But if the idea is to create a calming atmosphere, then you want something that represents the peacefulness of the coast, rather than it's more dramatic moments when it's stormy.

beautiful coastal triptych art print

You really can't go wrong with a beautiful coastal sunset or sunrise.

Especially when it's viewed over a tranquil ocean or calming waves lapping the shore.

The print above is "receding waves at sunset", available as a download or physical print.

2. Colours & Hues

The colour palette & décor of the room also needs to be considered.

Because you're creating a calming & serene energy, you probably won't want a triptych coastal with too bright or vivid colours.

Also too many different shades & colours, although subtle, may be too visually busy.

stylish ocean triptych art above bed

This print can be purchased as a download or a physical print.

Although the artwork can accent other colours in the space it's being displayed in, muted & soft tones work best.

3. Size

tranquil ocean waves triptych print

"ocean calm sunset" available to buy as a digital download or physical print.

Sometimes one single large triptych, or even an oversized triptych, can create a sense of serenity, rather than a small set of prints.

I wrote an article about the "window" type effect that triptychs can create.

The right scene printed as a large triptych can be like looking through a set of windows.

Having a large print of a coastal scene placed on the appropriate wall is like living next to the beach & having a view to the ocean!

4. Framing

Due to the nature of triptychs, the image needs to flow from one panel to the next.

Quite often, framing will enhance not only the print, but the overall décor of the room.

Coastal wall art can look fabulous in distressed & driftwood style frames.

Just make sure the frames aren't too big, or wide, as this will create a disjointed look to the actual image.

You can explore this topic more : Framing Triptych Prints, You Can But Should You?

5. Print Material

abstract ocean triptych art in contemporary decor

Another serene coastal triptych "ocean calm". Purchase as a download or physical print.

But coastal triptychs aren't just for adding a calming atmosphere to a coastal décor.

In the image above, the abstract quality of the ocean scene looks fabulous in a modern setting.

With modern & contemporary print materials like acrylic & aluminium, certain images, such as a sparkling & crystal clear ocean or warm sunset, will take on a new life.

Acrylic & metal prints are renowned for their almost 3D sense of depth that they bring & are also a modern style of wall art that doesn't need framing .. in fact, they often look better without frames.

Canvas is still a very popular choice & can also be displayed as an unframed canvas wrap or in a floater frame.

Final Thoughts

Being out in nature is always the best remedy to relax & reset yourself.

There's nothing more calming than walking along the coast breathing in the fresh salty air.

But we don't always get the opportunity, so creating a peaceful home with beautiful coastal wall art is the next best thing, & triptychs are ideal for capturing the amazing imagery that the coastal landscape offers.

I hope you found some inspiration in this article & feel free to share it around.

As well as having a gander at my triptych shop, you can also grab yourself some free triptych printables if you wish.


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