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Let Your Coastal Décor Take Flight With These Seabird Triptych Prints

coastal triptych print of seagulls hanging over couch

Vibrant Yet Stylish 3 Panel Coastal Prints

Coastal wall art comes in a variety of styles & subject matter.

When it comes to creating a coastal décor, there's a fabulous choice of styles & genres of wall art prints available.

You can add a warm & sunny feel to a space with beach art prints, add a calming energy with tranquil ocean art, or even create dramatic visuals through images of stormy seas as well as dynamic surf shots.

These triptych prints of seabirds in flight will add a lively yet stylish coastal vibe to any space.

I'm pleased to share a couple of coastal triptych prints of seabirds that will add a stylish yet lively energy to any space in the home.

" Five Seagulls " Triptych Print

coastal triptych print of seagulls in coastal style bedroom

This coastal wall art set would look fabulous in any room, but it will definitely inject some peaceful beach energy into a bedroom.

Shades of blue are a popular colour for creating coastal décor, especially through accent items like cushions, pillows, throws & rugs.

The soft blues in this print are perfect for tying in with accent pieces.

The subtle pale yellows adds a warmth without being too vibrant, allowing this triptych to sit well with any colour palette.

Wooden picture frames are ideal for this style of wall art, but it's a print that looks equally good in white frames as well.

triptych print of seagulls in white frames against dark grey wall

The white frames really pop against the grey wall.

Although this colourful décor isn't in a coastal style, beach themed prints can still be used.

The yellows in the print mirror the yellow accessories in the room as does the blue with the ornate jars.

seagulls triptych art in child's nursery room.

Even a child's bedroom or nursery can benefit from coastal wall art.

Again, the colours in the triptych print reflect those in the room & the timber frames create coherency with the wooden furniture items.

You can view & purchase "Five Seagulls" here.

" Flock Of Seabirds " Triptych Print

flock of birds coastal triptych in modern living room

This is a visually lively triptych, yet it still evokes that chilled out coastal vibe.

The décor of the room in the image above is completely neutral, with light brown walls & timber furniture.

Yet the pale ocean green in the print doesn't compete or appear out of place within this space, in fact it helps to balance the greenery on either side.

coastal triptych art above grey sofa

Black picture frames also work well with this particular triptych print.

The frame colour matches the black wing tips of the birds, but also looks great in a more contemporary décor style.

Sitting above the sofa, the ocean green in the print creates a balanced look in juxtaposition to the potted plants on either side.

white picture framed triptych art in dark green room

White picture frames always work well against darker, or stronger coloured walls, & although this room has a dominantly green décor, the picture frames create separation between the green ocean colour within the print.

You can view & purchase "Flock of Seabirds" here.

Final Thoughts

I always say, you don't need to have coastal décor to enjoy coastal prints on your walls.

Coastal style art can look great with rustic, boho, minimalist & even industrial styles.

This is because coastal wall art can be expressed in many genres, from abstract paintings to line drawings & graphics to landscape photography.

I hope you enjoyed these triptych seabird prints & feel free to have a gander at my triptych shop.

You can also grab yourself some free triptych printables if you wish.


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