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Create A Unique Coastal Touch With These Triptych Beach Prints

colourful beach shacks triptych print

3 Panel Wall Art For A Creative Coastal Décor

We all love a day at the beach, but not all of us live close enough to visit the coast every day.

Beach prints are not only fabulous for adding a touch of coastal décor to your home, but create a wonderful beach vibe to remind you of those warm summer days.

Design your individual coastal décor with these unique triptych beach prints.

Here are 3 triptych beach prints that are unique in their own way, but instil that coastal feeling.

" Colourful Beach Shacks " Triptych Beach Print

beach shacks 3 panel wall art with coastal decor

This is a wonderfully colourful print that is perfect for complimenting a beach décor.

Because of the vibrant colours, it looks great against darker & stronger shades of wall colour.

White frames always help wall art to pop when displayed on darker walls & this beach print works well in a lighter frame colour.

The white picture frames also match the white lamp shades & accessories.

The colours within the image are also great for reflecting any accent pieces such as cushions or incidental furniture.

In the image above, the green beach shack in the central panel creates a nice balance with the potted greenery either side.

The tones of the sand tie in well with the wood furniture, as does the blue in the shacks help to mirror the wall colour.

3 panel beach art in nursery room

Beach wall art isn't just the domain of the living room or bedroom.

This coastal print would look fabulous in a nursery room & creates a fun & colourful focal point, especially within a more neutral décor palette.

The light timber picture frames are ideal for containing the image against the white wall & ties in with the timber floor & set of drawers.

You can view or purchase "Colourful Beach Shacks" & it's available as a digital download or a physical print with a choice of print & framing options.

" Parasols & Palms " Tropical Beach Print

modern tropical beach art in minimalist bathroom

A wonderful tropical beach print that has very muted & neutral tones.

This triptych would suit many décor palettes & styles.

In the image above, this tropical triptych doesn't look out of place in a modern bathroom.

Acrylic or metal would be an ideal print medium for an area with higher humidity.

Because acrylic & metal prints look amazing unframed, they suit a more modern or minimalist décor.

boho style bedroom with tropical 3 panel wall art

Although a tropical beach scene, it can look wonderful in a more rustic or even boho style décor.

Timber picture frames add an organic touch & are a perfect match for rustic & boho décor elements like rugs, throws & other timber furniture.

Even with stronger accent colours, the quiet tones in the image won't clash & is a beach print that would work with most colour schemes.

cottage style decor with tropical triptych print

The cottage style décor in the above living room can even accommodate this tropical triptych beach print without looking out of place.

Often, tropical style beach art can be more vivid with strong blues of the sky & sea, as well as being punchier.

This tropical print, when framed appropriately, could be a wonderful touch of coastal wall décor even if your décor style isn't coastal.

You can view & purchase this print either as a digital download or a physical print with many print & framing options.

" Beach Day Is Over " Triptych Print

3 panel beach print on blue wall above sofa

Umbrellas folded away & deckchairs sit empty, the day at the beach is over until the sun rises again the following day.

With beautiful brown & earthy tones, it's also a wonderful beach print that can work with many décor palettes.

White frames would of made the triptych pop against the blue wall colour, but the wood framing helps to keep things more relaxed.

triptych beach print displayed in farmhouse style decor

Wood frames would of also worked in this space, but the white picture frames help to break up the dominant brown tones of the room.

3 panel beach art displayed in contemporary dining area

The dining area is a great spot for adding some coastal wall art & this triptych beach print looks wonderful displayed with other more organic elements such as timber furniture & wood floors.

modern apartment with triptych beach art hung above sofa

It's surprising how framing can make all the difference.

An abstract artwork could be an option for this modern apartment space, but the black frames allow this triptych print to inject some coastal warmth without looking out of place.

This triptych beach print is also available as a digital download or physical print.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed checking out these beach triptychs.

Coastal & beach wall art is very versatile & can look amazing in many areas around the home as well as with various décor styles.

You can take a look at some more triptych beach art in my shop, but also feel free to grab yourself some free triptych printables if you wish.


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