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Transform Your Space Using Black & White Coastal Prints

two black & white coastal prints displayed in living room

Who Needs Colour? Monochrome Beach Wall Art

The wonderful thing about coastal wall art is there's a huge variety of styles to choose from.

Coastal prints made with softer hues & simple blue & brownish tones are very popular, as these colours work extremely well with many décor palettes.

But have you considered black & white coastal prints?

Black & white prints can be a wonderful medium for coastal wall décor due to their neutral tones.

Perhaps you're thinking monochrome prints won't be lively enough, but they actually contrast well with any colour scheme as they are neutral & very versatile.

They can also add a touch of elegance & sophistication to your space.

Here's a couple of black & white coastal prints that may be just what you're looking for to incorporate into your space & add a wonderful coastal touch to your décor.

Black & White, Ideal For Any Colour Scheme

large black & white framed coastal print hanging on blue wall

If you already have a colourful décor, or you're hanging coastal art on a wall space with strong colour, black & white prints work fabulously well.

It can work, but sometimes a punchy coloured print against a dominant wall colour can be overpowering & even gaudy.

In the image above, the black & white print helps to create a more sophisticated feel, whilst the wood frame adds another organic element that ties in with the contemporary décor.

white framed black & white coastal print on yellow wall above yellow sofa

With such a powerful yellow décor, you need to choose artwork colours carefully.

A monochrome print in a white frame looks clean & still manages to create an impact without being overpowering.

A wood frame would of also worked, but the white really pops against the wall colour without being brash or too loud.

Modern Monochrome

modern black & white coastal print in modern kitchen apartment

For an ultra-modern & minimalistic décor, black & white prints can be perfect.

Acrylic or metal prints not only create an amazing sense of depth, but their frameless appeal is ideal for that modern look.

It shows how versatile monochrome coastal prints can be, that with the right subject matter you can have a sleek & stylish piece of wall décor.

"Infinity Pool & Palms" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Minimal Coastal Colour

coastal style bedroom with black & white beach print hanging above bed

It's simple to create a coastal feel without the use of much colour.

A few accessories, such as cushions or bedding in a coastal blue, alongside neutral tones & some organic elements is enough to create that beach vibe.

Although black & white, this print of beach shacks & palm trees has a lively & bright feel.

Again, a wood frame would of looked nice too, but white framing helps to keeps things light & airy.

The Balance Of Black & White

coastal styled living room with black & white beach print above sofa

Another example of how a monochrome print can sit well within a light & breezy style coastal décor.

The wood frame accents the other natural elements in the room & creates balance between the white recessed shelving.

A muted coloured print would of also worked well in this space, but the monochrome tones sit really well against the light grey wall colour.


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A Hint Of Coastal

dining room with a framed black & white coastal print hanging above cabinet

Any style print could of worked in this dining room & although it's not strictly coastal décor, the azure green colour of the cabinet hints at a coastal theme.

The beach print helps to reinforce that beach vibe & the black & white tones don't conflict with the dominant colour of the room.

This lively black & white print helps to create a visual sense of space, more so than a colourful piece of wall art.

"Beach Huts & Palms" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Final Thoughts

Black & white prints aren't just the domain of fine art.

Monochromatic beach images & photography can be incorporated into many décor styles, not just coastal.

These style prints are also very adaptable to various frame styles & colours, which you can explore in more depth: Can You Use Coloured Frames With Black & White Photos?

I hope this has inspired you to try black & white coastal prints in your home décor & feel free to check out more coastal prints in my printable shop too.

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