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Check Out These Stunning Drone Triptych Coastal Prints

drone image of the beach as a triptych print

Captivating Aerial Views With 3 Panel Beach Art

I've been into a few homes lately where drone images of the coast have been displayed as various styles of wall art.

Usually these aerial shots are printed to large canvases & I must admit, they look pretty impressive.

Drone photos of the coast make for stunning wall art & these triptych coastal prints are no exception.

These drone images are fabulous for capturing the wave forms as they hit the shore, often creating abstract or flowing lines within the image, ideal for triptych art.

These coastal drone images also show a viewpoint of the beach that usually only the birds get to enjoy.

This different perspective is fabulous for a more open & spacious feel when decorating with coastal wall art.

Triptych wall art has it's own dynamic too, so combine 3 panel art with amazing drone images & you end up with fabulous coastal prints.

I'm happy to share these coastal drone triptychs & hope you enjoy them too!

" Turquoise Shoreline " Drone Triptych Coastal Print

drone image of the coast as a triptych print

Coastal prints can work fabulously well in many décor styles.

This drone triptych print sits well even within an industrial inspired design.

The organic feel of wood frames compliment the concrete wall & ties together with the other timber elements of the room.

The colours in this print are wonderful & the orange sand compliments the chair & other tones of the room.

The stunning turquoise water creates a refreshing relief from the grey wall & floor, a lovely view to look at whilst your sitting at your desk.

triptych print of drone shot of beach

White frames always help a print to pop against a darker wall.

Because the colours in this triptych print are fairly vibrant, the white frames also help separate the colour from the dark grey.

Sometimes artwork with lighter & airier shades are best in a room with a more sombre décor, but the beautiful coastal colours of turquoise & orange really help to add an element of sunshine to this subdued bedroom décor.

coastal triptych drone print in modern living room

These styles of coastal prints can also be displayed as unframed canvases, which look great.

But when printed to acrylic or metal, it takes them to a whole new level.

Acrylic & metal prints have a depth to them which would really do justice to this particular triptych, it would make the colours come to life.

But unframed acrylic & metal prints are perfect for a modern feel.

Although it's a coastal artwork, when printed to these more contemporary print mediums, it's a fabulous way to add colour & a natural element to a minimalist or modern interior.

" Birds Eye View " Drone Triptych Coastal Print

wood framed coastal drone triptych print in spacious living room

I always say, you don't need a coastal décor to enjoy coastal wall art.

A colourful abstract artwork would of looked fantastic in this room too, but the subtle tones of this drone triptych print retains a more spacious feel.

Again, framing is important & the wood frames create a connection to the timber floor & furniture.

The pale & greyish blues in the image help accent the fabric of the furniture & the colour of the light shade.

grey decor with triptych drone coastal art

Another example of how white frames stand out against a darker wall colour, as well as accenting the coffee table & floor lamp.

As mentioned earlier, the lighter tones of this triptych print help to break up the grey, whereas stronger or darker colours could become a touch too oppressive.

minimalist dining room decor with coastal drone wall art triptych print

Minimalist spaces such as this simple dining area are a blank canvas & would accommodate many styles of wall art & prints.

But this drone triptych artwork helps inject some coastal warmth with it's natural & organic tones.

Wood frames would also look great, adding even more of an organic element & accenting the timber table & bar stools.

But the choice of thin black frames help to create a modern feel that also match the black light shades.

Final Thoughts

Drone photography has changed the way we see the world & even our neighbourhood.

Many real estate agents for example, use this technology for creating photos for their listings.

But it's also fantastic for capturing a different perspective on the landscape around us.

More than just aerial photographs, they can be used for creating wonderful art.

I hope you enjoyed these drone triptychs & please feel free to share this article.

I have more triptych beach art in my shop, but also feel free to grab yourself some free triptych printables if you wish.


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