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Add Zest To Your Walls With These Colour Accented Beach Prints

Colour accented beach print hung above cabinet

Selective Coloured Wall Art For A Lively Coastal Vibe

Beach prints are ideal for adding some fun & vibrant energy to any room in the home.

When we think of the beach, white sands, sparkling blue sea & colourful beach umbrellas may come to mind.

But with selective coloured prints, a process sometimes referred to as colour accenting or the colour splash technique, individual colours or subject matter can be highlighted in colour whilst the rest of the image remains monochromatic.

Selective coloured beach prints are a fabulous way to create a splash of coastal colour for any space in the home.

This style of beach wall art is perfect for adding a touch of colour whilst still connecting to the décor of the space it's displayed in.

An Accent Of Coastal Colour

coastal blue accented beach print in contemporary decor

Coastal décor can be created in a subtle way by introducing organic textures & light neutral tones.

The simple use of a single beach themed artwork with a touch of coastal blue is all that's required to complete the look & feel of the room.

Beachy Bathrooms

selective coloured beach print above bath tub

The bathroom often lends itself well to beach & coastal décor.

A bathroom can also be quite a neutral space, allowing a singular colourful artwork to add some punch & vibrancy.

selective coloured beach print above wash basin in bathroom

If you don't have a mirror above your hand basin, why not hang a wonderful colour accented beach print?

Add Some Beach Energy To A Nursey Room

colour accented beach print in child's nursery room

A child's nursery is a fabulous place for some fun & colourful beach prints.

What child doesn't enjoy a day at the beach?

Having some vibrant coastal art on the walls will take their imagination back to the days they've enjoyed by the coast.

Beach Colours For A Modern Décor

colour accented beach print in modern living room above sofa

Even a minimalist & clean modern décor style can incorporate a colour accented coastal print.

Because the artwork is predominantly black & white, it sits well within a minimalist colour scheme with modern furniture & clean lines.

Most frame colours & styles are also going to work well with selective coloured prints.

Lively Gallery Wall

gallery wall of colourful beach art in office

These style beach prints are wonderful for getting creative & making a fabulous & lively gallery wall.

They really add some pop when hung against darker walls & stronger shades of colour.

gallery wall of colourful beach prints in white & sparse room

They're also a great way to add interest to a white or boring wall space.


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Black frames are a good choice for a sharp & modern look, but white or timber frames would also suit this style of wall art.

Instant download or available with print & framing options.

Final Thoughts

There's many ways to create a coastal or beach décor, from light & airy shades to more bold & vibrant colours.

The great thing about these colour accented prints is that they can look fabulous either way.

Introduce a selective coloured print to add a splash of colour to an otherwise understated coastal style, or bring in even more colourful beach vibes to a vibrant beach décor.

They can also sit well in modern & more sophisticated coastal styles.

I hope you enjoyed exploring this style of beach art & feel free to check out other coastal prints & downloadable wall art in my printable shop.


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