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Palm Tree Prints That Will Add A Coastal Touch To Any Space

three tropical palm tree prints displayed in a living room

Relaxing, Yet Vibrant Wall Décor

Coastal prints are a fabulous choice for wall décor, but tropical palm tree prints create a wonderfully relaxing, yet vibrant feel in any space they're displayed.

I guess it's because they remind us of being on vacation & those warm summer days.

Create some relaxing tropical vibes for any space in the home with these palm tree prints.

Depending where you live, blue sunny skies don't always last all year around.

But with these palm tree prints, you can inject some tropical warmth into any room of the home, whatever your decorating style.

If you're looking to add a coastal touch to your décor, I hope you'll find one of these palm tree prints to suit your style.

Framing A Palm Print

a large palm tree wall art print in a floater frame above a cabinet

These style prints are a fabulous choice for a modern coastal look.

They suit many frame styles, but floater frames are ideal for contemporary décor & they still create that coastal feel.

Canvas is a versatile medium for this style of wall art, but for an ultra modern look with amazing colour depth & vibrancy, you can use a floater frame for an acrylic or metal print.

You'll really be adding that wow factor to your wall décor.


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Coastal Accents

a wooden framed palm tree print in a coastal style living room

A space may not necessarily be designed with a coastal décor in mind, but blues, browns, whites & textured furnishings can suggest a coastal feel.

A single palm tree print can be all that's needed to complete a coastal look & add that relaxing beach energy to a room.

A white frame would of given a fresh feeling, but the wood accents the timber furniture & creates a nice balance.

"Palm Tree Sky" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Oversized Art

an oversized wall art print of tropical palm trees displayed in a spacious modern living area

I feel this particular print works amazingly well printed to a large size.

In the appropriate space it would look stunning, almost like having a view out of a window to a tropical sky framed by palm trees.

Again, acrylic or metal would really bring it to life.


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Wainscoting & Panelled Walls

a palm tree wall art print displayed on wainscoting panelled wall

This print not only looks great as a large wall art piece, but creates a lovely spacious feel.

It sits fabulously well within wainscoting & panel style walls.

Canvas may be a more appropriate print medium for this style of décor & even an ornate frame could add a wonderful decorative touch.

"Dreamy Palms" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

A Balanced Wall Space

a tropical palm tree print in a white frame displayed on a grey wall next to a brown sofa

Choosing the right ratio & orientation of a print is important so it sits well within the wall space it's displayed on.

Although a tropical beach print, it has soft & muted shades that sit well with most colour palettes.

In this instance, the colours connect to the sofa & the choice of a white frame balance the artwork above the skirting board.

Coastal Zen

a tropical palm tree print hanging above a bed in a Zen styled bedroom

I feel this print of a lone palm tree has a vintage vibe to it, but it works extremely well within a Zen style décor too.

What can bliss you out more than sitting on a deserted beach under a tropical palm tree?

Again, the portrait orientation is perfect for the wall space it's displayed on.

"Lone Palm Tree" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

You may also want to check out some coastal Zen wall art prints.

Zen style coastal wall art for sale

Final Thoughts

Tropical palm tree prints are a versatile type of coastal or beachy style wall art.

They sit well with many colour palettes & decorating choices.

They can be used when creating a tropical décor, but can also be incorporated into any coastal style as well as being used to add a beach vibe to any room in the home.


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Check out my shop for more palm tree prints as well as other coastal wall art & by subscribing, you'll also receive special offers & be notified whenever I add new prints to the shop.


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