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Coastal Bird Prints To Add Seaside Charm To Your Space

seabird coastal prints on bedroom wall

Create A Coastal Atmosphere In Your Home

There's nothing more synonymous to the sound of the coast than seagulls squawking.

It's not very practical ( and probably illegal! ) to keep seagulls & seabirds in your home.

So the next best thing to invoke the feeling of those seaside sounds is to display wall art prints of our coastal feathered friends.

Invoke the atmosphere of the seaside with these coastal wall art prints.

Here are 3 different prints of coastal seabirds that you can incorporate into your wall décor to produce a touch of seaside charm in any space.

Less Can Be More

seabird coastal print in small dining area

You don't need a large wall art print to have an affect on a space.

Even a small print can add some coastal charm & create the finishing touch in any area of the home.

If you live in an apartment or smaller unit, you may not have a full size dining room or living area & enough wall space to display larger artworks.

A well chosen print can define the space & create coherence with the other elements & accessories.

Modern Appeal

modern acrylic print of a seabird above bed

Many coastal style prints lend themselves to modern interior design.

Canvas wraps are popular & look wonderful unframed, as well as in a contemporary styled floater frame.

But metal or acrylic prints really create a fabulous sense of colour, depth & vibrancy.

Coastal prints of sunsets & sunrises, as well as reflections, as in the print above, are ideal for this more modern print material.

"Stretching Your Wings" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Coastal Art For Modern Wall Coverings

artwork of a flock of seagulls hanging over wallpaper above couch

A coastal print can also be incorporated into décor with modern furnishings, as well as being displayed over modern wall coverings.

The tones in the print above tie in well with the general colours of the room & the black frame separates the art from the geometric patterns of the wallpaper.


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Creating A Cosy Space

wall art print of seagulls flying at sunset hanging above sofa

With light or cooler décor styles, coastal prints with paler shades or even bold colours would also look fabulous, but will create a different feel to the space.

The warm tones of this coastal print bring a touch of cosiness to the room.

Finding Your Niche

a print of seagulls flying at sunset in white frame on dark wall

Here's another example of how an artwork can help define & create purposeful spaces in the home.

This coastal print looks fabulous in the white frame against a dark wall, but by matching the colour of the chair, lights & side table, also establishes the area as a reading niche.

"Seagulls At Sunset" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Looking Fresh

coastal print of seagulls in modern black frame hanging above sofa

With a pale shade of wall colour, sometimes more bold artworks, or prints with complimentary warm tones, can help to create a more homely feel.

Although this beach print has a touch of colour, it's fairly neutral.

This coastal print works well with the black frame to maintain a modern & fresh look.

Fish & Chips & Coastal Art

a framed coastal print of seagulls displayed in fish & chip shop

Of course, coastal wall art isn't just designated to the home environment.

This print of seagulls & beach chairs would be perfect in a fish & chip shop.

Once again, the choice of frame helps the print to match the décor it's displayed in, which in this case is a clean & fresh interior.

Coastal Café

a coastal print of seagulls displayed in a cafe

The wood frame is the better choice for a contemporary styled café, as it accents the timber furniture.

The décor & furnishings of this café would suit most coastal style artworks, but this particular print creates a lively & fun atmosphere.

"Beach Chairs & Seagulls" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the season, a walk along the seashore with a fresh breeze blowing & the sounds of seabirds in the air is a remedy for any stress or concern.

Whatever your decorating scheme, these coastal bird prints may be just what you need to breathe some seaside charm into your home.

You may also want to take a look at some triptych seabird prints.

I'm always adding more coastal inspired prints to the shop, so if this is a style of wall art you enjoy, you can subscribe & not only receive special offers, but be notified whenever new prints are added.


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