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9 Reasons Why Wallpaper Makes The Perfect Accent Wall

Modern Wallpaper Feature Wall

Modern Wall Coverings Are A Fabulous Feature Wall Idea

Are you considering a feature wall in your home?

There's many amazing ideas & materials available these days for creating unique & eye-catching accent walls.

With so many different products & materials to choose from, perhaps you're having difficulty making up your mind.

Wallpaper can be a fabulous choice for creating an accent wall.

If you have hesitations around using wallpaper, them maybe skip to this article first.

Otherwise, here's 9 reasons that I can think of for choosing modern wall coverings for a feature wall.

Perhaps by the end of the article, you may have some of your own ideas why wallpaper is a great choice.

1. Suits Any Budget

Couple shopping for wallpaper

Wallpaper can be expensive, as there's beautiful & stunning wall coverings on the market if you really want to create a classy or elegant look.

But there's also really top quality, as well as wonderful designs available, at prices ranging from as little as a few dollars per roll.

So it's possible to create the look you want on any budget.


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2. Huge Choice

rolls of wallpaper on display

As well as having choice when it comes to price, wallpaper also offers a massive variety of designs, colours & textures to choose from.

Whatever your décor, you'll have no problem finding a wall covering to match.

There's many wallpaper suppliers too, either in your local high street, or a search online will uncover many suppliers offering an amazing array of styles & designs.


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3. Change Of Mind

couple looking at wallpaper samples

The great thing with modern wallpapers are that they're available in removable or "peel & stick" varieties.

This means that you can easily change the feature wall should you decide to redecorate or change your décor.

With these types of wall coverings, I do feel you get what you pay for.

The better quality brands of removable wallpapers will stay on your walls for many years to come when applied correctly.

But they're still easy to remove without causing damage to the wall.


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4. Easy To Hang

woman hanging wallpaper

Unlike the old days, when wallpapering meant slopping adhesive around, not only on the wallpaper, but on the wall, modern papers are far easier to hang.

Although some adhesive is still required, it's a far easier & less messy of a process than it used to be.

Which leads us to the next reason ..

5. Save Time & Money

Because wallpaper is relatively easy to hang, especially the removable varieties, you may decide to hang it yourself.

This will save you the cost of hiring a decorating service, as well as giving you a sense of accomplishment.

As you're only papering the one wall, it can also be a job that could knocked out in less than a day, so you're whole weekend isn't gone.

6. Cover Up

covering an old wall with wallpaper

Wallpaper is ideal for covering up & hiding a less than perfect wall.

Unless well prepared first, stains, small cracks & imperfections will still be visible through paint.

Although wallpaper still requires some preparation, it's perfect for covering minor imperfections.

7. More Than Just Colour

beautiful floral wall mural

Painting a feature or accent wall can still be a fabulous option & there's a lot of choice when it comes to colour, shades & hues.

You can even have a particular colour mixed for you.

But you're still only applying a single colour ( although in saying that, you can get super creative with applying paint ).

But wallpaper offers that extra dimension.

Wall coverings not only have a range of colour to choose from, but patterns, textures & materials.

This brings an extra depth to a room, especially when using murals & papers with geometric patterns & other designs.

Wall coverings are also available in faux brick, wood & other natural materials that can look surprisingly realistic.

8. Never Boring

modern wall mural in modern home

Paint can be a quick, simple & effective way to create an accent wall.

But just a colour on it's own can look a tad boring, so generally some style of wall art is needed to feel complete.

But wall coverings can be like art in themselves.

With amazing murals, designs & patterns, wallpaper can hold it's own.

Unlike a plain coloured wall, wallpaper can be a real focal point in the room.


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9. Create Or Match A Décor Style

retro style wallpaper

Because wallpaper is more than just colour, you'll find a texture, pattern & design to compliment any décor style.

From vintage to retro, coastal, boho to industrial, farmhouse & cottage décor, there's a wallpaper to match or compliment.

By just using an appropriate wallpaper on a single accent wall, you're able to introduce a style or theme, whilst still keeping it subtle.

Final Thoughts

Modern wall coverings really are versatile & suit any décor from modern to vintage & everything in-between.

For an accent wall, I feel you can't go past wallpaper.

Not only for how much easier wallpaper is to apply nowadays, but the ability to inject any style or feel into a space.

I hope you enjoyed this article & it's offered some inspiration for you in creating your feature wall.

Please feel free to share this article if you know anyone else who may find value in it.


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