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How Long Does Wallpaper Last?

man hanging striped wallpaper

The Lifespan Of Modern Wall Coverings

The first wallpaper printing machine was invented in 1785 by a Frenchman named Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf.

There's been many designs & patterns created for wallpaper since that time & hopefully some of those styles won't return!

But modern wall coverings have come along in leaps & bounds, not only with beautiful designs, but the materials used to manufacture them.

So how long can you expect wallpaper to last? When correctly installed, traditional wallpaper will last up to 15 years & in many cases a lot longer. Removable, otherwise known as peel & stick wallpaper, will also last for many years if it’s of good quality.

Will Certain Wallpapers Last Longer?

Modern wallpaper & wall coverings can be made from a number of various materials.

Each material will have it's own unique characteristics.

When applied correctly & properly maintained, most wallpapers will still last for at least 15 years, some substantially longer.

The term “ traditional ” simply describes the type of wallpaper that’s applied using an adhesive or paste to one side.

Although there's various wall coverings, they all require some type of adhesive & different papers can require their own unique approach to cleaning & maintenance.

wallpaper rolls next to glue & brush

How To Make Your Wallpaper Last

Probably the biggest factor in any home decorating project is preparation.

Properly prepared walls & using the correct glues & adhesives for the wallpaper you're applying is the first step in making sure it stays on your walls for many years.

Types Of Modern Wallpapers Available

1. Fabric Backed Vinyl

2. Paper Backed Vinyl

3. Solid Vinyl

4. Vinyl Coated

5. Plain Pulp

6. Non-Woven

7. Grass Cloth, Bamboo & Other Natural Fibres

8. Fibreglass

Wallpaper does require some ongoing maintenance, but it's quite minimal.

Depending on the environment where the wall covering is applied, it can collect dust, grease build-up, nicotine staining as well as finger marks around light switches & other areas.

Dusting your wallpaper is recommended at least once a month.

Cleaning is fairly straight forward & some wall coverings are easier to clean than others.

cleaning dirty wallpaper

Vinyl wall coverings can simply be wiped down, paper & fabric coverings need a common sense approach.

Sunlight can also fade wallpaper over time

Some wallpapers can be discontinued & aren't always available a year or 2 down the track, so a handy tip is to always buy an extra roll or 3.

This way if a section gets damaged, you're able to replace it.


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Lifespan Of Removable Wallpaper

This style of wall covering, also called "peel & stick", has become quite popular, especially for renters, in fact it's sometimes referred to as renters wallpaper.

Because it can be applied & taken down without creating damage to the walls, it’s the perfect alternative to traditional papers.

The walls may need some cleaning though, especially if the wall covering has been up a while.

It also doesn't require any paste or glue, so it's a hassle free alternative to traditional papers.

Being vinyl, peel & stick wall coverings are also easy to clean.

How long do removable wallpapers last? Because peel & stick papers can vary in cost & quality, they also vary in how long they will remain on your walls. In some cases it could be good for a few years, in others only a few months.

To be honest, I've never used it, but have heard people successfully having this style of paper on their walls for many years.

But it can also peel & bubble after only a few months.

Certain suppliers don't feel confident with this style of wallpaper & won't stock it.

But I don't feel this should discourage you from trying it, as I always say, you get what you pay for.

When making any purchasing decision, just check out reviews of the product you're buying.

There will always be manufacturers making better quality & those that are the cheaper end of the market.

It can also depend on the wall it’s being applied to.

Again, it come back to preparation & the walls need to be flat & in good condition.

The type of surface & even paint it’s going to sit on can be a factor.

Removable wallpapers don’t fair well in humidity though, such as bathrooms & utility rooms.

Peel & stick, sounds easy right?

It's a super convenient & hassle free way to liven up a boring wall, but there's still a correct way to apply it.


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Final Thoughts

Wallpaper is still on trend & will continue to be long into the future.

This is due to the fact that modern wall coverings have left that old fashioned aspect behind & with so many amazing colours, textures & styles, are perfect for any modern or contemporary décor.


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Good quality wall coverings when applied correctly are going to last you many years.

I hope you found value in this article & I always appreciate a share!


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