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9 Reasons For Choosing Wallpaper

modern bedroom wallpaper

Why Modern Wall Coverings Are A Great Décor Choice

If you’ve been contemplating the idea of using wallpaper for your next decorating project but you’re just not sure, then this article may just help you decide.

Why is wallpaper a great idea when it comes to home décor? There’s many reasons to choose wallpaper as it’s a modern wall covering that has stood the test of time & is still as popular & relevant a décor choice today as it was when first introduced.

Are There Times When Wallpaper Isn’t A Good Idea?

For sure, wallpaper can have some drawbacks in certain situations.

Rental properties for instance.

Firstly, your landlord may not allow it.

Secondly, if it's a short term rental it may not be worth the time, although removable wallpapers are available, otherwise known as "peel & stick".

I'd suggest reading The Pros & Cons Of Decorating With Wallpaper if you'd like to learn more.

But on the whole, modern wall coverings are still a fabulous décor choice for many reasons.

Why Use Wallpaper? Here's 9 Reasons That Will Totally Convince You!

1. Amazing Choice

There's an amazing variety of wallpaper designs, styles & materials.

Whatever your interior style, you’ll find wallpaper to match not only the colour, but also the type of décor.

There’s papers to match modern, contemporary, elegant, vintage & even retro themes.

Wallpaper is also made with various finishes.

These can be fully washable such as vinyl & Mylar.

Printed papers are the most popular due to the sheer amount of designs as well as affordability.

There's also foil papers that offer a metallic look, flock paper with a velvet-like finish for elegance & embossed papers offer a stylish choice too.

There’s even Eco-friendly & bamboo papers, plus many other materials used in the manufacturing of modern wall coverings.

2. Originality

Because there’s such a massive choice of wallpaper designs, it’s easy to still follow décor trends, but not find the same wallpaper on your neighbours walls!

You can also choose a contemporary style paper that will fit in with any décor changes you may make through the years.


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3. Conviction

When applied correctly, wallpaper can last for 15 years or more.

Unlike other styles of wall décor, wallpaper is sending the message that it’s here to stay, which also reflects your own conviction & confidence in your décor choices.


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4. Adds Personality

Wallpaper can really give a room it’s own identity.

Papers are available in many patterns & motifs that can reflect the space it’s in.

A kitchen wallpaper for example, can have cooking related designs whilst a child’s bedroom could be adorned with cartoon characters or similar images.

An elegant paper will create a stately looking entrance or dining room, whilst soft pastels or florals may be ideal for a master bedroom.

5. Change Perceptions

Most interior designers will tell you to use light colours in a small room to make it appear more spacious, just as darker colours can help to make a larger space more intimate.

This is because lighter walls have the effect of receding, whereas dark walls appear to advance.

By choosing the right shade of wallpaper to suit your room & applied to certain walls, you can alter the sense of a space.

Walls can also be visually altered to appear longer, shorter & taller by using either vertical or horizontal patterns.

6. Adds Atmosphere

Wallpaper isn’t as reflective as most finishes, so it can make a room softer, especially when it receives a lot of natural light.

Also in the evenings, lamps & other light sources won’t create any glare.

Although wallpaper doesn’t soundproof a room, like with light, noise won’t reflect as easily off the walls.

This can be beneficial in larger spaces with hard floors.

7. Demands Attention

wallpapered feature wall

Nothing lifts up a space & creates a focal point in a room quite like a feature wall.


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Wallpaper would have to be one of the easiest & cost effective ways to make an accent wall.

Just choose a great style you love & bring another dimension into the room.


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8. Turns Ugly Into Lovely

If your walls have seen better days, but the thought of all that preparation to get them back to looking their optimum is too overwhelming, then wallpaper may be the solution.

By using wall liners prior to wallpapering, or using an embossed paper, you’re able to make uneven & cracked walls disappear.


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9. Affordability

luxurious wallpaper

There's still the misconception that wallpaper is expensive.

But it's simply not the case.

Of course there’s expensive designer wallpaper as well as custom made, but there's also many gorgeous papers that are $10 to $15 per roll.

You don’t need to break the bank to afford some luxury & style.

Final Thoughts

There’s so many positives to wallpaper, especially as it’s a product that has evolved so much over the years.

It’s a lot easier to apply than it used to be & there’s even peel & stick papers & removable murals that are available in some beautiful designs.

If you found value in this article, I'm always appreciative of a share.


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