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Waves Lapping The Shore | Relaxing Coastal Prints

framed coastal print displayed on shelf

Calming Beach Energy For A Relaxed Décor

Coastal imagery can be majestic seascapes, stormy weather, organic coastal grasses, colourful beach photography & many more beach scenes.

But the simplicity of waves lapping the shore may be just what's needed to create a relaxing coastal vibe.

These coastal prints of waves gently lapping the shore are perfect for a simple & relaxing beach vibe.

Check out these 3 coastal prints & find the perfect wall art for adding some coastal calm to your home décor.

Organic Textures For A Modern Bathroom

wood framed coastal print in modern bathroom

Sometimes less is more, & the simplicity of these style prints are fabulous for a coastal touch whilst creating a feeling of serenity.

The texture of the beach sand introduces an organic element that helps to soften this modern bathroom.

The wood frame also helps to bring in a natural element & ties in with the woven texture of the chair.

Coastal Calm For A Relaxed Bedroom

coastal print above bed in modern bedroom

This wall art print doesn't look out of place in a modern, slimline black frame.

Although a modern & minimalist styled bedroom, this coastal print evokes a calming beach energy & sits well against the white walls & compliments the spacious feel created by an abundance of natural light.

"Sea Foam & Sand" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Simple Yet Effective Muted Tones

coastal print i modern frame in minimalist bathroom

With very light & muted tones, this beach print is perfect for adding a softer coastal touch.

The modern black frame suits the clean & uncluttered bathroom décor, whilst the pale hues of the print create a light & fresh appeal.

A Feminine Touch For The Bedroom

coastal print in ornate frame in feminine bedroom

The pinkish hues are wonderful for embellishing an already feminine bedroom.

Again, framing can make all the difference when displaying wall art prints.

Certain coastal imagery may not always work in an ornate frame, but for this particular print, the gold frame really helps to tie things together.

"Lapping The Shore" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Abstract Appeal With A Beach Vibe

coastal wall art displayed in modern lounge room

This particular print has quite strong & bold coastal colours of blue & orange.

A wall art print that looks great in a minimalist & almost Zen style décor.

The white frame helps it to pop against the darker wall, as well as accenting the the rug & coffee table.

Coastal Style Bedroom

coastal print above bed in contemporary bedroom

A wall art print that's just as at home displayed in a more contemporary décor such as this bedroom.

Blue & orange coastal colours work well against a neutral palette & create a nice focal point without overpowering the space.

The darker wood frame also compliments the side table.

"Blue Sea Mets Orange Sand" is available as an instant download or with various print & framing options.

Final Thoughts

There's nothing more relaxing than hearing the sound of waves gently rolling onto the shoreline.

But not all us live close enough to the beach, but you can introduce some calming coastal energy into your home with these wall art prints.

Feel free to check out more coastal prints in my printable shop too.

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