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The Magic Of Printable Art For Home Staging

downloadable wall art for home staging

Create That Wow Factor With Minimal Effort!

When selling anything, be it a car or your old lawnmower, the better presented the item is, the more chance of a quick sale at the price you're asking.

Houses are no different, they need to be presented well so as the potential buyer doesn't haggle over any issues.

It's been shown that displaying the right artwork when staging a property goes a long way to creating a good 1st impression & as the old saying goes, you never get a 2nd chance to make a good 1st impression.

Printables are a fabulous way for finding & displaying the appropriate wall art for home staging.

Whether you're a home stylist that stages homes regularly, or you're selling your family home, finding & displaying the appropriate artwork is just one piece of the home staging picture.

Printable art is a fabulous solution to sourcing & presenting artwork to help you achieve your desired result, that is, selling the house quickly at the price you want.

Finding The Appropriate Artwork

You may love how you've decorated your home, but when it comes to presenting it for sale, not everyone has the same tastes.

A house needs to be presented in a way that allows the home hunters to visualize their own personality & style.

So keeping things neutral is usually best & to some degree, this applies to the wall art you choose as well.

This isn't to imply that the artwork should be bland & create no impact in the space, but art can be used to enhance & reflect the style or era of the property.

Style & Size Of Artwork

For instance, beach prints will help enforce the lifestyle that a property offers with a coastal location.

If it's a rural property, landscapes or other art that has a nature theme will work really well.

But shopping for the right artwork can be a time consuming & tiring undertaking.

Not only are you searching for the appropriate style of art, you need to find the right size print to fit the wall space.

This is where printable art comes to the rescue.

printing artwork to the right size for home staging

The correct size artwork is needed to look balanced on the wall space it's being displayed on.

There's a style of downloadable art to match any style or genre & it's so much simpler being able to browse for what you need from the comfort of your home or office.

Most home printers these days are capable enough of producing a decent quality print up to an A3 size.

Changing Colours

An image may be the right genre for what you need, but the colours or tones don't match the décor or wall colour.

It's really simple to upload your digital download to a free online editor & simply alter the colours or tones to match.

Cost Effective

Because you haven't spent a small fortune on physical art, it's no loss to leave the artwork behind for the new owners.

But maybe you like the style of art.

That's okay too, as you have the original image file, you can simply create another print to your desired size for your new home.

Advantages Of Printables For Home Stylists & Property Stagers

If you're in the business of regularly styling homes for sale, then it's a worthwhile outlay to invest in a higher quality inkjet printer that can produce even larger prints.

Especially if your company has more than one office, as you can produce wall art prints for all the locations.

They aren't super expensive either, not when you consider the long term savings of not needing to buy physical prints.

Another advantage of printable art for home stagers is that once you've downloaded any image or art files, they're yours to keep.

It's going to be more cost effective to make a few prints of an image for each office location, than buying a number of physical prints.

When using art for home staging on a regular basis, the artwork may see some wear & tear over time, so having the ability to simply create another print is a huge advantage.

I feel printables are definitely cost effective, especially compared to hiring artwork.

Swapping Out Frames

using different frames for printable art in home staging

As well as the actual artwork, frames also contribute to the final look & style.

With printable art, you can use the same image & simply swap out a different style or size of frame appropriate for the home.

You're also able to print & crop the image to fit the desired frame size.

A single image is able to be purposed multiple times according to the desired size & look you wish to achieve.


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Final Thoughts

Selling your home can be stressful enough, but at least finding the best artwork to stage your property can be a fairly relaxing & even creative task by using downloadable art.

The wall art won't look generic or like an afterthought either.

Having a wide choice of art at your fingertips, it's easier to create a coherent feel throughout the home.

I hope this article has given you some ideas & helped with relieving some of the stress of putting your home on the market.

Feel free to browse my printable shop as well as subscribe to keep up to date of the latest downloads as well as receiving special discounts.


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