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How To Hang A Clock Without Nails

decorative clock hanging on wall

17 Ways To Display A Wall Clock

Wall clocks come in so many styles, shapes & sizes, they really are a piece of wall art in their own right.

Even if you only need a clock to be functional, it can still look great hanging on your wall & add to the overall interior design & wall décor.

But you may not want to bang a nail in the wall.

So how can you hang a wall clock without the need for nails? There’s a few methods at your disposal, from Command Strips & other double sided tape, to a variety of hooks & some creative ideas you may not have thought of.

Because there is a huge variety of wall clocks to choose from, some will be made from lightweight materials, others may be large & made from metals.

So some methods of nail free hanging may work for some & not for other types of wall clocks.

So without further adieu, let’s dive into the options available so you can find the best nail free solution for hanging your clock.


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1. Double Sided Mounting Tape

If you have a lightweight clock, made of plastic or some other really lightweight material, then this could be the easiest solution.

There’s a few different makes of double sided tape.

Some will fare better than others.

Not just for strength, but for ease of removal without damaging the paint or the wall.

Scotch Foam Mounting tape is one such product that shouldn’t leave any damage when removed.

mounting tape

2. Command Strips

I suppose technically they could be double sided tape, but I thought I’d mention them separately as they are the most discussed adhesive strip & are the market leaders.

They're pretty strong & according to their own product description, by following the instructions & using the correct amount of strips, they can hold up to 7kg (15lbs).

They’re also more costly & more time consuming to apply.

You’ll probably need more than one pair of strips to hang anything of weight, so this could add up to $10 or more to hang your clock.

It’s recommended to use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface they’re being applied to, not just any standard household cleaner.

There’s mixed reviews about Command Strips.

Some have had heavier things simply fall off the wall, others say they do cause damage.

But different wall surfaces will react differently to any adhesive.

Just make sure the wall you're sticking the clock to meets all the requirements & it’s well under the recommended weight & you should be fine.

command strips

3. Velcro

Velcro is actually the trademark for the hook & loop system, so it’s similar to Command Strips.

There’s a few Velcro products available.

You can get industrial strength Velcro, but the downside is, it’s only as strong as the glue used to adhere it to the wall.

This means for a reasonably heavy clock, you’re going to require stronger adhesive, so you may take part of the wall with it when it comes time to remove.

But for a smaller & lighter clock, as well as strips, there are tabs & button shapes which may be all you need.

Velcro tabs

4. Reusable Hooks

These are a great alternative to nails if your clock is going to be hung on tiles, steel or even glass.

Some work by suction, others will use a sticky gel.

Simply push them into the surface to remove any air bubbles.

But either way, they can be removed & reused without causing any marks or damage.

There’s many different designs, although once the clock is hung on them they shouldn’t be visible.

They have various load ratings which comes down to their size, or footprint.

Some hold as little as 500 grams while others are rated to 5 kg ( 11 lbs ).

reusable hooks

5. Adhesive Hooks

These aren’t great for textured or plastered walls, you need a clean smooth surface.

But they can be used on painted walls, tiles & even smooth or lacquered wood.

The strongest type will hold about 2 kg or 5 lbs.

But being adhesive, they may cause marking or damage when removed on some surfaces.

adhesive hooks

6. Magnetic Strips Or Tape

There’s a few manufacturers of this type of product.

They're self adhesive metal strips which attach to the wall & magnetic strips which adhere to the back of the clock.

Then voila! The clock sticks to the wall.

Each pair of strips is rated to hold around 0.5 kg ( just over a lb ).

They’re reusable & can be removed without causing damage.

magnetic tape

How To Hang A Heavy Wall Clock Without Nails

All the above methods have their limitations, so it just may not be possible to hang a heavier timepiece without using a more permanent method.

But there are definitely ways you can reduce any damage & have a simple repair job after the clock is taken down.


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7. Press In Hooks

These are a simple & easy way to hang your clock on drywall ( or plasterboard .. depending what side of the Atlantic you’re on ).

As the name suggests, they simply press into the wall.

Available in different sizes & with various number of hooks allowing more weight to be hung from them.

It’s not a big job when they’re removed to simply patch up the wall.

8. Hercules or Monkey Hooks

Now these are rated to 60 kg .. that’s 150 lbs!

Guess they don’t call them Hercules for no reason!

Also known as monkey hooks, they simply pierce through the drywall & because of their curved shape they brace against the inside wall.

Again, there’s only a tiny hole to patch if you ever need to remove them.

This short video demonstrates just how simple to use they are.

9. Hardwall Hooks

These are definitely not damage free, as they’re made to hammer into concrete & masonry.

But they can hold as much as 10 to 15 kg ( 22 to 33 lbs ).

They don’t create a lot of damage, but if you have a concrete feature wall, it may be tricky to patch up.

But with a heavy clock, your options are limited.

10. Various Hooks

To be honest, if you have a pretty substantial wall clock, using hooks is going to be stronger than a single nail.

Of course there’s no way around it, you’ll need to either screw the hook directly into the wall or drill a hole.

There’s a few different types of hanging hooks, from the screw in variety to the more serious anchor bolts.

If you’re hanging your clock on drywall, make sure to drill or screw into a wall stud.

This means you’ll only have a certain amount of area to locate the clock.

Handy Hint - If it’s brickwork, a good tip is to drill into the mortar.

This way if you do need to repair the hole at a later date, it’s an easier job to patch the mortar than cover a hole in actual brick.

11. Liquid Nails & Other Industrial Adhesives

This would have to be the least practical solution to avoid banging in a nail!

If the clock is going up on masonry or concrete, liquid nails will definitely keep it secure until the house itself collapses.

Mirrors are sometimes mounted with similar industrial adhesives.

If it’s an electric clock & you know it’s going to be up for many, many years, then maybe this isn’t such a bad idea.

But if it’s a battery run clock .. well, unless there’s some way to access the battery compartment, once the battery dies the clock will be purely ornamental!

liquid nails adhesive

Creative Ways To Display A Wall Clock

Does it have to go on the wall?

If it’s just not possible to hang your clock without creating some sort of hole in the wall, here’s a few other imaginative ways to display your timepiece.

12. The Ceiling

Okay, you’re not marking the wall, but you will have to screw into the ceiling.

If you have exposed beams, this could be a great way to create an industrial look & display your clock in an unusual way.

Similar to a railway platform, this could work really well with a similar themed clock.

These types of clocks are available & come with all the hanging hardware.

Otherwise you’ll need to get creative with ideas for hanging a regular wall clock in this fashion.

If you have a home with exposed vertical beams, hanging the clock from a bracket can look fantastic.

13. Mouldings

If you have crown mouldings, cornices or picture rails, these are a perfect way to avoid marking the walls.

Simply place a hook with a cord attached on the moulding & hang the clock.

Just adjust the length of cord to get the desired height.

industrial wall clock hanging from picture rail

14. Use A Shelf

Can’t get any easier than this!

Placing your clock on a shelf or mantle can be the perfect spot.

There’s even clocks available with a base for this purpose.

You can also hang the clock from a shelf in the same method you would a picture rail.

The clock can even enhance & compliment the shelving or fireplace.

clock displayed on shelf

15. Props

Using different props is a unique way to display your clock.

Artists easels are useful for displaying artworks, but they're also an out of the ordinary & eye-catching way to display a wall clock.

Especially larger clocks, they can really become a feature of the room.

There’s different types of easels, from the more traditional to those tripod styles.

You could even experiment with lamp stands.

A antique chair is another fabulous option for displaying a wall clock.

16. Mesh

You can buy all sorts of decorative mesh & panels in various sizes.

Simply lean one against the wall & attach the wall clock.

The great thing with these mesh panels is you can also display other artworks, attach lighting & nick knacks as well.

Because you can cut them to size, you can have a narrower mesh running from floor to ceiling to create a feature if you don’t have a fireplace.

Let your imagination run wild!

clock hanging on decorative mesh

17. Peel & Stick

Last but not least, if you haven’t already bought a wall clock, there are the wall decal varieties.

Just like decals, you mark out the wall 1st, then simply apply the numbers.

The great thing about these types of clocks are they're totally removable & the wall may just require a wipe down to remove any marks.


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As well as basic vinyl, they also come as 3D, meaning they have a raised appearance.

They can be made from plastic, acrylic, aluminium or a combination of materials.

There's many designs & can be very modern & are a stylish alternative to a regular wall clock.

Final Thoughts

Wall clocks are definitely more than mere functional items.

With an absolute amazing choice of styles, they're a fabulous addition to any wall décor.

You’ve probably searched for nail free ways to hang your clock to minimize damage to the wall.


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Hanging a small or lighter wall clock shouldn’t be an issue.

But the bigger & heavier you go, then it’s getting trickier to avoid some marks or holes.

But you can definitely minimize the patch up job afterwards.

If you’re working with concrete or masonry, obviously nails are out of the question.

But there are some good & safe alternatives.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful & I’m always grateful if you wish to share it.


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