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How High Should You Hang A Clock?

woman hanging wall clock

Tips & Ideas For Displaying A Wall Clock

Wall clocks are not just handy for telling the time, they're a wonderful addition to any wall décor.

With so many styles, designs & sizes available, you want to find the best place to display your new timepiece.

Whether it’s serving a practical role & you simply need to read the time easily, or you want to show off the latest addition to your décor.

So what's the best height to hang a clock? There’s no single universal measurement. When determining the ideal placement for a wall clock there’s a number of considerations. These are the type & size of clock, the layout of the room & the position for viewing the clock. Using some design guidelines & rules of thumb, you will be able to determine the best placement for displaying your wall clock.

Although there are variables, there’s also some rules of thumb that interior designers use for hanging any style of artwork.

With all the beautiful designs available, clocks can definitely be considered as wall art.

Determining The Correct Height

modern wall clock home interior

If you're looking for a stylish & unique clock for your wall, Casagear have some wonderful designs.

Many interior designers work by the rule of thumb that the centre of an artwork should be about 54 to 57 inches ( 137 to 145 cm ) from the floor.

This is around eye level for most people.

In most cases, this will be a balanced & pleasing placement.

But clocks can be a little different from hanging art.

Firstly, if it’s for practical purposes, it may need to be seen from wherever you are in the room.

From a décor perspective, it’s important for the clock to look balanced.

So furniture, ceiling height & room layout need to be taken into consideration.

infographic of wall clock height

Finding The Best Position

wall clock hung above couch

There's some other design guidelines & rules of thumb used for not only hanging wall art at the right height, but creating an overall balance with other décor elements.

Ceiling heights can vary, so eye level in one home may look fine & in another the clock may look lost on the wall or just simply wrong.

When hanging artworks above furniture, many designers work off the 66% rule.

This means 66% of the wall space is above the art piece & 33% is between the art & the piece of furniture it’s sitting above.

But you can use this guideline in reverse if your clock is going on a blank wall, as the infographics below demonstrate.

infographic of wall clock placement

infographic of hanging wall clock

If you are placing your clock above a table or other furniture, then this rule of thumb will help you find a balanced placement.

The size of the clock will also determine which height will work best.


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The Size Of Clock

As with anything you display, be it a print or a wall hanging, it’s size will affect where it will look more at home.

This is where these rules of thumb come in handy once again.

As well as height, the clock size in relation to what it’s hanging above needs to be considered.

Sometimes it visually makes more sense when 2 items feel connected.

A small clock sitting high above a large sofa for instance is simply going to look lost & like an afterthought.

small clock above sofa

Whereas a really large clock above a small table is going to be too dominant & overpowering.

The infographics below help to demonstrate these principles.

infographic of hanging clock above furniture

infographic of hanging large clock

Not so much about the height of the clock, but if it’s going to be hung between certain elements, like between a window & a wall, having it centred is usually the best.

If you’re placing a clock between shelves or other furniture items, you can experiment with the 66% rule in a horizontal way as opposed to vertically, to see what works.

infographic of clock hung between furniture

Style Of Clock

The style of clock you have can also determine the height it needs to be hung.

Large, small, modern, rustic ... Casagear have a fabulous range of wall clocks in all sorts of styles.

For instance, a pendulum clock hung above furniture is going to need more clearance & the larger it is the higher up the wall it will need to sit.

If the clock’s needed for practical reasons, like in an office or school environment, then it may need to be hung as high as possible so people don’t need to stand up from their cubicles or desks to see it.

You may just want a decorative but practical wall clock for the home office.

In which case, hanging it lower & within easy eyeball reach is more important.

wall clock in home office

Final Thoughts

There’s no hard & fast rules when it comes to home décor.

The height for hanging a clock is no different.

But having some understanding of how elements fit together, to complement rather than oppose each other, is important for creating a balanced & happy décor.

And let’s face it, there’s some stunning wall clocks out there & you want to make sure you’re doing yours justice.

I hope this article was helpful & I always appreciate a share if you feel someone else may find value in it.


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