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Whether you're looking for a digital download to print at home or a high quality physical print to brighten up your space, feel free to browse my collection of printables & original artworks.

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Free Printable Triptych Wall Art

triptych art above sofa

Get Your Ducks In A Row With These 3 Downloadable Art Prints

If you've never heard the term "triptych" before, it simply means 3 art prints or panels that are either a single image split into 3, or 3 related images.


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3 panelled prints are a wonderful way to create interesting wall décor.

They can be displayed in a number of ways in various areas around the home.

Here are 3 free downloads that you can either print yourself or have printed to any medium you like.


If ducks aren't your thing, then check out these other free wall art printables here.


These free printables are downloaded in a ZIP file.

Simply click to download, then open file, right click & "extract all" .. too easy!

The 3 sets of images come in a PDF file for easy home printing, plus 3 separate jpegs if you wish to send them off or upload to a printing service.

1. Three Ducks

3 duck prints on wall above couch

Being a neutral colour, this set of prints would work well with most décor.

They look good unframed, especially as a canvas wrap, but having them framed & matted would create a more formal feel.

Download ZIP • 54.12MB

2. Making A Splash

triptych photograph hanging above white sofa

Another neutral colour that would tie in with most décor schemes.

Being a photograph, it would sit well on an acrylic or metal print for a bit of extra vibrancy.

Printing it to metallic paper is another option that would really bring it to life.

Download ZIP • 77.59MB

3. Foggy Morning

triptych art print hanging on wall in living room

Another set of prints with subtle & neutral tones, creating a very calming mood.

I feel canvas would be the perfect print medium for this image, as it's already very muted & textured.

I think the 3 panels would look great in a floater frame too.

Download ZIP • 70.25MB


Triptychs are a very creative way to add to your wall décor, or even create from your own images & photographs.

The article below is worth checking out if you'd like to explore further how you can use this style of art in your home.


7 Ways To Enhance Your Walls With Triptych Art Prints


Please feel free to share this article around, after all, who doesn't like stuff for free?

You can also explore more triptychs & prints in my printable shop.

Available as instant downloads as well as a choice of print & framing options.


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