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Whether you're looking for a digital download to print at home or a high quality physical print to brighten up your space, feel free to browse my collection of printables & original artworks.

I hope you find something you'll love!

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Path To The Beach - Free Printable Triptych Wall Art

a triptych coastal path print above mantle

Add Beach Vibes To Your Space With Downloadable Coastal Prints

Coastal prints are fabulous for adding that beach vibe, but they work really well even if you have other décor styles.

They can be minimalist, as well as creating a relaxed atmosphere in a space.

Triptych prints have a quality all their own too & are a versatile form of art that creates & adds interest to any room.


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Here's a collection of 3 coastal images that have been created as triptychs that you can freely download & do with as you wish.

You can either print them yourself or upload them to your favourite print service.

Have them framed or even use them for a DIY wall art project.


If you're interested in more triptychs, then check out these other free wall art printables here.


These free printables are downloaded in a ZIP file.

Simply click to download, then open file, right click & "extract all" .. too easy!

The 3 sets of images come in a PDF file for easy home printing, plus 3 separate jpegs if you wish to send them off or upload to a printing service.

1. Path To The Sea

a triptych print of a beach path above bed

A set of prints with very earthy colours.

You can add a coastal element to your décor without having the rest of the room necessarily being decorated in a coastal theme.

Download ZIP • 72.32MB

2. Beach In Black & White

a black and white triptych print of the beach above white sofa

Sometimes less is more.

This minimal image in black & white may be just what's needed to introduce a beach vibe whilst keeping your walls simple & uncluttered.

Monochrome images often look good when matted & framed too.

Download ZIP • 40.86MB

3. Colourful Beach

triptych beach art in minimalist room

Colourful yet subtle, these prints can add warmth to a minimalistic space.

Again, your décor doesn't need to be coastal to introduce some beach elements.

Download ZIP • 78.14MB


There's nothing more refreshing, especially in warm weather, than walking a coastal path to the beach.

If you can't make it to the beach, then at least these triptychs prints may bring up some fond memories.

Triptychs can be used in various ways for different areas in your home.

Check out the article below to learn how.


7 Ways To Enhance Your Walls With Triptych Art Prints


It's always good to get something for free, so please feel free to share this article around.

You can explore more beach triptychs & prints in my printable shop.

Everything's available as an instant download as well as print & framing options.


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