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Do Metal Prints Rust?

metal photo print in outdoor area

This is a question I hear quite often.

It’s usually when someone is thinking of hanging their metal photo print in an area of high humidity, like a bathroom for example.

Another situation where rust may be of concern is if you’re wanting to display the print outdoors.

So can a metal print rust? No it can’t, as metal prints are actually made using an aluminium substrate. There’s no iron or steel used in producing a metal photo print. Although they can oxidize over time if exposed to the wrong conditions.

This is why metal prints are an ideal solution to displaying artwork in outdoor areas or spaces where they can come in contact with water or high humidity.

Why Metal Prints Won’t Rust

Only certain metals are subject to rust.

Aluminium is non-ferrous, but it can oxidize in certain conditions & over a longer time period.

For example, if you’re hanging your print outdoors & you’re near the coast, exposure to salt air will speed up the oxidation process.

So Will An Aluminium Print Last Outdoors?

Studies have shown that an aluminium print will last up to 40 years & in the right conditions up to 100 years!

Because metal prints aren't prone to rusting, they’re a wonderful solution for decorating outdoor spaces & wet areas.

I’ve gone into more detail about hanging metal prints outdoors & how best to maintain & keep them looking great.


It’s worth a look as there’s some simple tips for keeping your print looking it’s best.

You can also check out my comprehensive guide if you'd like to learn more about metal prints.

Final Thoughts

Not only won’t metal prints rust, they’re extremely durable, water & weather resistant.

Reputable print labs use print methods alongside scratch & UV protective coatings, which not only gives them their amazing print quality, but their durability.

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