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Coastal Grass Prints To Add Organic Charm To Your Wall Décor

three coastal grass prints displayed above sofa in contemporary decor

Transform Any Space Using Natural Beach Tones

I really like coastal grass wall art & it's a very popular style of wall décor too.

There's many beach & coastal designs, from paintings to graphics & wonderful coastal landscape photography.

But the charm of coastal grass prints is that they're wonderful for adding a natural & organic feel to any space whilst introducing that beachy vibe.

With natural shades & hues, these coastal grass prints will add a lovely organic charm to any space in your home.

These prints will work with many décor styles & I'm happy to share a few with you.

Adding A Coastal Vibe To Modern Décor

large coastal grass print displayed above cabinet in room with modern decor

The print above is available as an instant download or with a choice of print & framing options.

I'm probably repeating myself again!.. but you don't need a coastal décor to enjoy coastal & beach prints.

Coastal grass style wall art is ideal for bringing a natural touch to modern & contemporary decorating styles.

These beach prints also work well in various wood frames, which is fabulous for complimenting any timber style furniture & accessories.

minimalist & modern dining area with coastal grass print hanging on the wall

The print above is available as an instant download or with a choice of print & framing options.

The subtle brown hues & textures are great for softening even the most minimal & sparse modern interior.

Even in a slimline modern black frame, the coastal grass print creates a soothing effect & makes the space a touch warmer.

Coastal Warmth For A Functional Space

functional home office with modern coastal grass wall art above desk

Even a functional space in the home, such as an office, will be more enjoyable to work in with some coastal grass prints on the wall.

A modern & practical room, such as the office in the above photo, becomes a more pleasant space to work in with a touch of beach vibes.

Acrylic or metal prints can be a fabulous option for a clean, frameless & modern look.

Creating A Warm Welcome

three coastal grass prints arranged on entry way wall next to staircase

Coastal prints are ideal if you have an empty or unwelcoming entrance to your home.

If you open the door to a blank wall, these grass prints are just what's needed to set the mood.

If you have a number of prints, you can create a lovely gallery wall or even stagger them along the staircase.

Beach Wall Art For Exposed Walls

coastal grass print displayed on concrete wall above bed

Although exposed brick & concrete walls are an amazing way to create a raw & organic feel, sometimes they can appear somewhat stark.

Wood framed coastal prints are perfect for breaking up the wall space with some natural elements.

Lighten Up A Dark Space

coastal grass print in white frame hung on dark blue wall above sofa

The print above is available as an instant download or with a choice of print & framing options.

Decorating a room with darker shades of paint & furniture can create an opulent or intimate mood.

But it needs to be balanced, otherwise a space can feel oppressive.

White frames are fantastic for breaking up a darker wall & coastal grass prints with neutral tones & soft textures will match most colour schemes.

Complimenting Coastal Style

lovely coastal style bedroom with coastal grass wall art above bed

Creating a subtle, but charming coastal style can be quite simple.

A touch of coastal blue in a room with light & airy furnishings & some natural textures, such as rugs & window dressings, is surprisingly effective.

An art print on the wall is the finishing touch & coastal grass prints are perfect for matching & accenting these natural elements.

Final Thoughts

It's no surprise that coastal grass prints are a popular style of wall décor.

They tend to sit well in any space, be it a bathroom, dining room, living room or bedroom.

And because they work so well with most decorating styles, they're an obvious choice for filling that blank wall space.

I hope you found some inspiration for your wall décor & feel free to visit my printable shop for even more coastal prints.

All prints are available as an instant download or a choice of print & frame options.

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