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Can Canvas Prints Be Framed?

framed canvas prints on bedroom wall

Enhance Your Canvas Print With The Right Frame

Canvas prints are a wonderful, affordable & quality way to add wall art, colour & style to any space.

Family portraits & holiday snaps can take on a new dimension when printed to canvas.

Also, as a photographer, canvas prints offer an affordable way to offer your work to customers at an accessible price without sparing image quality.

Framing can add an extra design element, as well as depth, to any image.

Can you frame a canvas print? Yes, a canvas print can be framed. Whether it’s mounted, rolled or a gallery wrap, there’s a framing option to suit each. There’s also different styles of frames for each type of canvas print.

The frame isn’t just a decorative construct that fits around a print, it also includes the backing board the print is mounted to.

3 Ways To Purchase A Canvas Print

1. Wrap

Canvas prints are usually a finished product that is known as a wrap.

This is where the print is stretched over a wooden frame, wrapping all the way around so the image is also seen on the edges.

It’s this look that gives them their appeal & are often unframed for this reason.

But you can also order these wraps with black or white edges.

2. Rolled

A print can also simply come rolled.

This is when the photograph is printed to the canvas & is rolled into a protective tube for storage or shipping.

In order to display such a print, it will either need to be stretched to create a wrap or mounted in some fashion.

3. Mounted

A mounted canvas is a print that has been attached to a backing board in preparation to be framed.


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Framing A Canvas Wrap

All printers, or art print stores that offer framing, will give you a choice of a floating frame, sometimes called a floater frame.


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Different suppliers will offer various options, from colour through to frame material.

But if you already have a canvas wrap, it’s still simple enough to have it framed.

You don’t need to remove the canvas from the floater frame, the framers will sort this out for you.

If you’re one of those crafty types, you could do it yourself.

The video below demonstrates how you can make your own floater frame for a canvas wrap.

Another option is a box frame. These types of frames are specifically sized to the depth of the canvas wrap.


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The wrap is placed into the frame from behind & a front lip prevents it falling outward. If you have a standard size print, it may be easy to find one online or premade.

Standard picture frames can be used. Just be sure it’s chunky enough so the wrap doesn’t protrude when viewed from the side.

Offset or frame clips will keep the print in place & are easily ordered online or found in a framers shop.

Again, a standard size print will be easier for finding a frame that fits. Charity shops & garage sales may be the go if you're looking to save money or want something original & unique.

You can also make a simple frame by attaching wood or any other material that takes your fancy, directly to the edges.

You can experiment with different thicknesses & materials to create a rustic style, shabby chic, modern or whatever you please.

Framing A Mounted Print

This is also a relatively simple process.

As the print is already mounted, all you need to do is find the right size picture frame that suits your style.

No different to how you would frame a mounted photograph.

A mounted canvas may be slightly thicker than a photograph, but the clips at the rear of the frame can be adjusted to hold it in place.

And unlike a photographic print, you don’t need to fit glass to the front.

Framing A Rolled Print

To frame a rolled canvas, you simply need to mount it first.

There are a few mounting boards available, but Gatorboard seems to be the industry standard.

This is because it won’t warp over time, is lightweight & durable.

As for getting it mounted, you can trust professional framers to do the job.

If this is something you’ve never done before, there’s a possibility of ruining the print, especially a larger size print.

But the video below, although he’s dealing with a photographic print, offers clear instructions if you’d like to try it for yourself.

Is It Worth Framing A Canvas Print?

Personally, I feel it’s a resounding yes!

Even a canvas print ordered through a professional lab using top grade canvas, inks & materials is still amazing value for money.

The print quality nowadays is superb & canvas offers an affordable alternative for extra large prints.

Compared to photographic, acrylic or metal prints of the same size, a canvas print will leave you with enough change in your pocket to splash out on a really special frame.


To further explore canvas prints, check out my complete guide.


Final Thoughts

Like photographic prints, canvas lends itself well to trying different frame styles.

Other mediums like acrylic & aluminium prints, although they look stunning, are very modern & may not suit certain types of frames.

Whereas with a canvas print, you can use a frame that matches the image & subject matter.

For example, a frame using recycled wood would look great with a picture of an old truck.

I hope you found value in this article & please feel free to share.


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