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The Aesthetics Of Triptych Prints For Your Home Décor

a jetty triptych above bed

Why Triptych Wall Art Is So Pleasing To The Eye

A house isn't a home until there's some type of artwork on the walls.

Whatever your walls may look like & whatever décor style you're into, wall art is that finishing touch.

Artists have been creating triptychs for centuries, but these 3 panel art prints have also been a popular style of wall décor for many years.


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What Are Triptych Art Prints?


Triptych art is a fabulous choice for your wall décor & can be used in many rooms & spaces throughout the home.

What makes triptych prints so pleasing? The rule of 3 determines that groupings of 3 are more visually appealing because we are wired to recognize patterns & 3 is the smallest number needed to create a pattern.

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triptych art for sale

Why Triptych Art Is So Appealing

3 different sized split panel prints

What is it about 3 panel split prints that makes them so aesthetically pleasing for decorating your walls?

We've all heard the sayings "good things come in threes", "third time lucky" & even "two's company, three's a crowd".

The "rule of threes" is well known & widely used by many creative professionals, such as interior designers, architects, gardeners, florists & many more.

From a visual perspective, groupings of odd numbers are more interesting than pairs & even numbers.

In relation to interior design, if arrangements are too sparse or symmetrical we become uninspired.

This is because our brains love & are wired toward interpreting patterns & 3 is the smallest number needed to create a pattern.

décor arranged in the rule of three

Not only do visual artists understand this rule of threes, you'll find it in song structure with the verse, chorus & middle eight.

Also movies & plays will have a beginning, middle & an end.

Even the movie titles themselves often use this rule such as "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

It's interesting how many sayings, statements & quotations are also grouped in threes.

  • Blood, sweat & tears

  • Mind, body, spirit

  • Father, son & the holy spirit

Using 3 bullet points is even more appealing than 2 or 4!

Even a single word repeated 3 times "location, location, location" creates more impact.

Maybe you remember as a child learning " look right, look left, look right again", although depending which side of the road you drive on, you want to make sure you remember it the right way around!

Quotation art is very popular & that too is often more interesting with sayings consisting of groupings of 3, like "Believe, Achieve, Succeed" & "Live, Love, Laugh".

When it comes to art, a triptych can either be a single image split over 3 panels of equal or various sizes, or 3 individual images that portray a common theme or visual feel.

Why 3 Split Panel Prints Are Still So Popular

framed triptych art of flower prints

Certain trends & home décor styles can go in & out of fashion, some never to return.

But triptych art prints are still as popular today as ever.

I feel this is because it's a style of wall art that can change & evolve to match what's current & fashionable.

The genre, style & subject matter of the art itself can adapt to keep up with what's current & trendy.

Also the choice of frames allow for various styling of the art print too.


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There's also a number of print mediums available, not just canvas.

Print mediums like metal & acrylic are popular for a modern & contemporary décor, whilst canvas wraps, framed or unframed, are still a wonderful way to create a triptych art piece for any home.

graphic leaf images as framed triptych print

Framed & matted photographs, as well as graphics, are another fabulous choice for triptych décor too.

Implementing Triptych Artwork Throughout Your Home

Triptych art can be a great addition to any room or space in the home.

These 3 panel prints are able to cover more wall space than multiple single prints whilst retaining a sense of connection or continuity.

Perfect for a large or uninteresting wall space, as well as ugly or damaged walls.

A beautiful large triptych can cover a multitude of sins!

colourful abstract triptych art on blank wall above cabinet

An oversized single art print can also be great for creating a focal point, but a triptych takes it to the next level.

Dividing a painting or photograph over 3 panels adds a really eye-catching element to your walls.

triptych vintage beach scene on large wall  next to chair

Fantastic for open plan areas where you wish to create or define a specific space.

More so than single prints, triptychs are fabulous for adding colour to a room, especially with bold & abstract pieces.

Because the 3 panels can follow a theme, you're able to introduce more colour to the space.

colourful music notes as a triptych print above piano

Triptych prints can also be created on different sized panels.

This means you're able to orientate & arrange the prints as you would a gallery wall.

autumn image split panel print

Multi-panel prints are really useful for those odd or awkward wall spaces such as on staircases or tall & narrow walls.


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