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12 Popular Triptych Themes For A Modern Home

contemporary triptych art hanging above blue sofa

Contemporary 3 Panel Wall Art For Modern Wall Décor

Although triptych art has been with us since the middle ages, it's evolved into a fabulous style of modern wall décor.

Triptych art can consist of a single image divided over 3 panels & these panels can also be of different sizes.

This allows the artwork to be oriented in various ways & providing the image lines up, the 3 panels can be hung at irregular heights.

Three individual images that follow a common theme are also considered to be a triptych.

This can be a subject seen from different perspectives, 3 versions of the same image but portrayed with a different print process (think of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans), or 3 individual images of a similar subject matter.

These popular triptych themes are ideal for creating modern & contemporary wall décor for a modern home.

Many photographs, paintings & images can be used for creating these 3 panel prints, but if you're looking for modern wall art to enhance your space, here's 12 popular themes that work really well for creating contemporary triptych art.

1. Abstract & Modern Art

abstract triptych print displayed above bed

You can't put a foot wrong with abstract art when it comes to modern triptych wall décor.

Abstract art is sometimes referred to as modern art.

It's a style of art that doesn't resemble real life, it can represent a subject in a totally abstract or unreal way.

Abstracts are ideal for triptych prints as they often have flowing lines, symmetrical shapes & compositions that divide wonderfully across 3 panels.

There's many styles of abstract art , from paintings to photography & digital art & graphics.

abstract photographic triptych hanging on green wall

Abstracts can be big & bold or subtle & muted.

This makes them perfect for any décor style or colour scheme, as you're able to match the artwork to the rooms accessories.

pastel coloured triptych painting above yellow sofa

In the above image, a coastal theme is subtly expressed with an abstract triptych whilst still retaining a modern feel.

2. Geometric Art

blue geometric triptych displayed in dining room

Similar to abstract, geometric art is created with patterns made from lines, shapes & angular compositions & geometric images also create fantastic modern triptych art.

Photography is another medium that can capture geometric designs & shapes in the environment.

modern colourful geometric triptych art on dark blue wall

Geometric art can also be bold & colourful or consist of subtle hues & shades.

Plus triptych prints can be made from different panels sizes, which further allows for a creative layout.

Perfect for creating interesting & eye-catching centrepiece for any wall space.

modern geometric triptych above contemporary cabinet

Because geometric art uses lines & shapes, you can use these compositions to your advantage.

It's possible to create the illusion of a wall space being taller or wider depending on the design of the geometric art.

For a stunning range of original geometric & abstract art, I highly recommend Artexplore.

Another merchant I'm happy to partner with as they support independent artists.

geometric & abstract triptych art for sale

3. Minimalist Art

minimalist white triptych art in modern home office

Minimalist art is as the name implies, art created with a minimal of visual elements.

It's another style of art that can be created using different mediums too, such as photography, painting & digital elements.

Minimalist style triptychs are fabulous for a clean & uncluttered décor where you don't want the wall art to be visually busy.

colourful minimalist triptych art next to pink chair

Just because it's minimalist doesn't mean you can't add a splash of colour, many abstract art pieces can also be minimalistic.

minimalist triptych art of autumn leaves

Minimalist art can also create warmth & add texture to a space.

A triptych can be 3 individual images combining a common theme.

Images of natural elements work really well together to add a more cosy vibe.

4. Floral Art

contemporary floral triptych art in modern home

Floral art is just that, art created using flowers & plants.

It's an art form that is expressed using real flowers & plants, but in relation to triptych wall art, it can be created with visual mediums.

Floral art doesn't have to look like your grandma's wallpaper!

Modern floral designs are wonderful for adding a feminine touch whilst still remaining contemporary.