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12 Popular Triptych Themes For A Modern Home

contemporary triptych art hanging above blue sofa

Contemporary 3 Panel Wall Art For Modern Wall Décor

Although triptych art has been with us since the middle ages, it's evolved into a fabulous style of modern wall décor.

Triptych art can consist of a single image divided over 3 panels & these panels can also be of different sizes.

This allows the artwork to be oriented in various ways & providing the image lines up, the 3 panels can be hung at irregular heights.

Three individual images that follow a common theme are also considered to be a triptych.

This can be a subject seen from different perspectives, 3 versions of the same image but portrayed with a different print process (think of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans), or 3 individual images of a similar subject matter.

These popular triptych themes are ideal for creating modern & contemporary wall décor for a modern home.

Many photographs, paintings & images can be used for creating these 3 panel prints, but if you're looking for modern wall art to enhance your space, here's 12 popular themes that work really well for creating contemporary triptych art.

1. Abstract & Modern Art

abstract triptych print displayed above bed

You can't put a foot wrong with abstract art when it comes to modern triptych wall décor.

Abstract art is sometimes referred to as modern art.

It's a style of art that doesn't resemble real life, it can represent a subject in a totally abstract or unreal way.

Abstracts are ideal for triptych prints as they often have flowing lines, symmetrical shapes & compositions that divide wonderfully across 3 panels.

There's many styles of abstract art , from paintings to photography & digital art & graphics.

abstract photographic triptych hanging on green wall

Abstracts can be big & bold or subtle & muted.

This makes them perfect for any décor style or colour scheme, as you're able to match the artwork to the rooms accessories.

pastel coloured triptych painting above yellow sofa

In the above image, a coastal theme is subtly expressed with an abstract triptych whilst still retaining a modern feel.

2. Geometric Art

blue geometric triptych displayed in dining room

Similar to abstract, geometric art is created with patterns made from lines, shapes & angular compositions & geometric images also create fantastic modern triptych art.

Photography is another medium that can capture geometric designs & shapes in the environment.

modern colourful geometric triptych art on dark blue wall

Geometric art can also be bold & colourful or consist of subtle hues & shades.

Plus triptych prints can be made from different panels sizes, which further allows for a creative layout.

Perfect for creating interesting & eye-catching centrepiece for any wall space.

modern geometric triptych above contemporary cabinet

Because geometric art uses lines & shapes, you can use these compositions to your advantage.

It's possible to create the illusion of a wall space being taller or wider depending on the design of the geometric art.

For a stunning range of original geometric & abstract art, I highly recommend Artexplore.

Another merchant I'm happy to partner with as they support independent artists.

geometric & abstract triptych art for sale

3. Minimalist Art

minimalist white triptych art in modern home office

Minimalist art is as the name implies, art created with a minimal of visual elements.

It's another style of art that can be created using different mediums too, such as photography, painting & digital elements.

Minimalist style triptychs are fabulous for a clean & uncluttered décor where you don't want the wall art to be visually busy.

colourful minimalist triptych art next to pink chair

Just because it's minimalist doesn't mean you can't add a splash of colour, many abstract art pieces can also be minimalistic.

minimalist triptych art of autumn leaves

Minimalist art can also create warmth & add texture to a space.

A triptych can be 3 individual images combining a common theme.

Images of natural elements work really well together to add a more cosy vibe.

4. Floral Art

contemporary floral triptych art in modern home

Floral art is just that, art created using flowers & plants.

It's an art form that is expressed using real flowers & plants, but in relation to triptych wall art, it can be created with visual mediums.

Floral art doesn't have to look like your grandma's wallpaper!

Modern floral designs are wonderful for adding a feminine touch whilst still remaining contemporary.

flower triptych wall art on yellow wall above yellow couch

Floral triptychs can also consist of 3 unique images of flowers, or even pressed flowers.

When placed in a stylish frame, they work well to break up large areas of wall colour.

boho style floral triptych wall art in dining area of modern home

Floral triptych art can also be created with graphics & vectors which are fantastic for a contemporary feel & are very popular & in vogue.

5. Beach & Coastal Art

modern triptych wall art of jetty above dining table

One of the most popular styles of wall art, beach & coastal images lend themselves beautifully to triptych prints.

triptych print of stormy seas on purple wall in modern room décor

You're able to create a calm & relaxed mood with waves lapping the shoreline, or add some drama with images of rough seas.

beautiful triptych painting of serene ocean in contemporary living room

Coastal & beach scenes can also be lovely soft & muted paintings that create a sense of serenity in a space.

Once again, a good choice of frames helps to not only accent the colour in the triptych, but also the décor.

Although coastal & beach art can also take on nautical elements, I don't feel it's as suited to modern décor.

Wonderful for creating a themed triptych though, using a ship's features like the wheel, anchor, compass & life buoy for example.

nautical themed triptych wall art in sunny modern room

But in the right style, these nautical elements can be presented in a modern & contemporary way.

Check out some free printable triptychs - floral art, beach, abstract & more ..

free printable triptych wall art

6. Landscapes & Nature

stunning triptych photograph of desert in contemporary living room décor

Nature scenes & landscapes are perfect for creating triptych wall art.

modern triptych waterfall print above bed

They look great printed to canvas as well as more dynamic & vibrant mediums like metal & acrylic, which also offer a very modern appearance.

panoramic triptych art on white wall in ultra modern home

Because landscapes make fabulous panoramic images, they're ideal for creating long & broad triptych prints to fill a tall & wide wall space.

digital nature scene triptych wall art above sofa

Landscapes & nature images don't have to be photographs, as paintings & even digitally created artwork will make for unique 3 panel prints.

7. Line Art & Drawings

line art triptych of cityscape on dark wall above modern sofa

Wikipedia describes line art as: " Any image that consists of distinct straight lines or curves placed against a background, without gradations in shade or hue to represent two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects."

Line art & drawings make excellent triptychs & tie in well with minimalistic décor.

Because they're usually black on white, they can work with any colour scheme.

3 panel art prints in contemporary bedroom

They're also a good choice for a darker wall where you don't want to add colour, but break up the wall space.

line art triptych print against dark grey wall

They're also available in more abstract designs too.

But why not have some fun & turn your children's drawings into triptych wall art.

children's drawing displayed as a framed triptych in modern nursery room

8. Digital Art

stunning digital triptych art in room with modern décor

You may think of digital art as surreal or fantasy style imagery & you would be correct.

But digital creations offer a wide scope of expression for creating wall art in many styles & genres.

AI (artificial intelligence) is getting a lot of attention lately, but I personally find most of the AI creations uninspiring & even a bit tacky, but that comes down to the artist.

Although you do have to question the artistic merit in simply typing in some prompts to an AI generator & sitting back whilst it spits out an image.

But there are many talented individuals who use applications like Photoshop, Illustrator & other digital software to create stunning art.

3 panel digital art in bedroom

Boho, short for bohemian, is an extremely popular style of wall art.

It's an aesthetically pleasing genre that mixes various cultures & artistic expressions to create an eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements & nature.

This style of art has a wonderful organic appeal & is created with digital software.

I wonder when photography was invented, painters were screaming "it's not real art!"

boho 3 panel print in contemporary room

Being a photographer myself, I actually prefer editing images with digital software as opposed to to old darkroom days.

Digital creations can be marvellous & make for great triptych wall art for a modern décor.

9. Pop Art

colourful pop art triptych of a banana in modern kitchen

Named pop art because the imagery used is taken from popular culture.

Comic books, advertising & even mundane mass produced items are all subject matter for this fun & vibrant style of art.

3 panel prints of coffee mugs in pop art style in dining room

Pop art is wonderful for triptych pieces, as it's a style where an everyday object can be represented in 3 different ways.

pop art portraits of woman on a 3 panel print

Although pop art can be a more light hearted or even eccentric art style, it's possible to find a subject matter that will reflect the colour scheme & décor style of a space as well as reflecting your unique personality.

colourful pop art triptych print on dark wall in bedroom

Usually quite colourful, pop art can .. well .. pop!

A style of art that creates a wonderful contrast against darker walls.

10. Retro & Vintage

retro triptych of Volkswagen campervan in contemporary room décor

Retro is a genre of pop art that uses objects, curios & elements of design from bygone eras.

Vintage art is described as commercial artwork created from the late 1800's until the mid 1900's.

But when we think of retro & vintage in relation to wall art, images & styles from the 1980's & previous decades come to mind.

vintage world map as triptych art print in modern room

Retro & vintage art can also be fun & quirky, but as it embraces different time periods, it's also an art style that can be very contemporary too.

retro style triptych art print in dining area of modern home

Abstract triptych art can be created with a retro twist.

Taking 1970's & 1980's design elements & presenting them in a fresh way creates a modern triptych art style that hints at the past.

retro style triptych prints on wall of contemporary room décor

Vintage elements & retro design can sit really well with modern décor, producing a wonderful juxtaposition & contrast.

11. Urban & Graffiti Art

colourful graffiti triptych art in industrial style living room

Graffiti isn't always viewed as a legitimate art form by some, but Banksy, who has become a household name in the urban & street art world, in 2022 sold work from 3,000 pounds sterling to 882,000 pounds!

If you're looking for something original, graffiti art may be just what you need.

Single & limited edition street art prints can be very expensive, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

But there's also more accessible urban & graffiti style canvas prints for well under the $100 mark.

If you're interested in affordable & original urban style art, then I recommend checking out Canvas Cultures.

I'm happy to have them as an affiliate partner as they promote & support independent artists.

graffiti art for sale

colourful urban triptych art on dark wall above blue couch

Graffiti triptychs with their gritty vibe are ideal for industrial style décor.

They can be very colourful too & work great against darker walls to add some punch.

contemporary urban triptych wall art above bed

Urban & street art is more than just lettering or "tagging", there's some wonderfully striking & even eloquent creations that make for an amazing expressive triptych piece.

12. Portraiture

family photograph as a modern triptych wall art

Most homes will have family photographs displayed in one fashion or another.

But instead of just having them in frames sitting on a shelf or cabinet, a family portrait can become a gorgeous & modern triptych artwork.

portrait of young woman displayed as a 3 panel print in modern bedroom

A professional photo shoot will result in quality images that can be used for creating stunning triptychs.

A well composed image that captures all the family members makes for a fantastic triptych & can become a modern artwork for display.

3 single images of a family member is also a great way to produce contemporary portraiture.

The quality of phone cameras these days is more than enough to be able to print decent sized triptychs, so if you have an eye for taking a decent picture, why not elevate your family snapshots into modern triptych wall art.

If this is an idea that interests you, you may want to check out:


Are you looking for unique family wall art? As well as 3 panel prints, Canvas Vows also have a range of personalized home décor.

personalized wall art for sale

Final Thoughts

It's amazing how many styles & genres of art can be implemented in creating modern triptych prints.

Triptychs are really versatile in how they can not only represent the subject matter, but how they can be creatively displayed on your walls.

3 panel prints are perfect for adding not only modern wall décor, but creating striking & eye-catching contemporary wall art.


Explore even further how triptych art can enhance your home décor:



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