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About David Wilkins Photography

Glad You're Here! Let Me Introduce Myself .. 

I began my photography journey when I was 15 or so back in high school .. the good old days when film was used & creating your images was achieved under the glow of a red light in the darkroom.

My first camera was a Ricoh, I can't remember the model, but I do remember being really proud of it & my small collection of Tamron lenses.

Eventually I saved enough money & bought a Nikon SLR as well as some tasty Nikon lenses.

Most of my adult life has been spent between Australia & the UK, which was great fun as well as providing travel & photographic opportunities in other places around the world.

As well as geographically, life can take you on many journeys & the photography got left behind for a while.

In the last few years I've been rediscovering the joy & creativity that photography brings, this time in the digital world .. & I gotta say .. I love it!

Although I grew up & cut my teeth with the chemical process, I find digital cameras & processing software allows for so much more creativity.

I'm definitely not a purist, but I'm also not into manipulating images too far beyond the original scene.

I personally find the digital aspect allows for a greater interpretation & the ability to convey the mood & vision that I have for a photograph.

I'll photograph anything that catches my eye & I'm a sucker for old cars & derelict buildings.

But the most enjoyable as well as challenging subject is Nature .. I love getting out & trying to do justice to the amazing natural world that surrounds us.

Another wonderful aspect of digital photography is the way it can be shared more easily, not only online, but images, whether your own or somebody else's,  can be printed & delivered to your door with a few clicks of a mouse.

Digital images, as well as offering amazing print quality, can also be printed to a variety of mediums which can be proudly displayed on the walls in your home.

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